It’s well documented that entrepreneurs with an overwhelming passion will make every sacrifice possible to set up and build their new business. From working 20hr days, re-mortgaging their homes and even selling their most treasured possessions…

HOTCAN boss Mark Taylor; a former Formula Ford racing driver in his youth (racing against David Coulthard), the youngest qualifying helicopter pilot in 1980, then a steel foundry owner and current oil industry player, has put his body and soul, life and limb into his new venture and is now selling his beloved company car, a rare right hand drive 1968 Lamborghini 400GT to fund the expansion of the business - this is certainly a man on a mission!

Mark Taylor said: "Having watched the HOTCAN product for the past 20 years I finally got my hands on it last year and I now plans to make it into one of the biggest brands in the world. Watchout, Coke!"

The car is one of only 5 RHD models in the world and is now for sale. Offers over £170,000. Any interested parties contact: mark.taylor@hotcan.com

email: amber.locke@hotcan.com, tel: 01283 576 940

Heat Food & Drink Ltd, Lancaster Park, Newborough Road, Needwood, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire  DE13 9PD

Heat Food & Drink Ltd produces a unique self-heating food product called HOTCAN which is supplied to the consumer, trade, defence and emergency response markets Worldwide.  HOTCAN comes in a range of 7 delicious flavours including; spicy beef pasta, beans with meatballs, chicken curry with rice and four-cheese ravioli with a chunky tomato sauce… there’s even a creamy rice pudding for afters!

Each HOTCAN contains over 400g of nutritious food and the self-contained heating mechanism is activated by simply piercing the rim of the can with the provided key. This action sets up a completely safe exothermic reaction which heats the food inside the can to a perfect eating temperature in 10-12 minutes. The food inside then stays hot for up to 45 minutes, so you can tuck in straight away or leave it while you do something else.


About Us

Hotcans have been produced for over 30 years and have traditionally been supplied to the defence and emergency services markets. Heat Food and Drink took over the Hotcan product in 2010 and we have now established a state-of-the art manufacturing facility near Burton on Trent in Staffordshire. We have a national and international sales team that is dedicated to providing the best possible service to the consumer, emergency response and defence markets Worldwide. We have introduced a brand-new menu with a range of delicious dishes which we will be updating on a regular basis. These include vegetarian and Halal options and we are also able to offer bespoke dishes and dishes suitable for the tastes of different countries.