Hunter Group ASA – Changes to financial calendar

Reference is made to the stock exchange notice published by Hunter Group ASA (previously, Badger Explorer ASA) (the "Company") on 9 December 2016 regarding the Company's financial calendar, and to the Company's stock exchange notice on 6 April 2017 regarding changes to the financial calendar.

As a result of the ongoing reorganisation of the Company, including the acquisition of Dwellop AS and contemplated changes to the corporate structure, the Company has elected not to prepare and publish interim financial statements for Q1 2017.

The other dates in the financial calendar remain unchanged.

H1/Q2 2017 report: 6 September 2017

Q3 2017 report: 1 November 2017

Oslo, 15 May 2017

For further information, please contact:
Vegard Urnes, cell phone +47 905 85 432


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The Badger Explorer is a technology for exploring and mapping hydrocarbon resources. The tool is equipped with logging sensors and communication solutions. The tool drills into and buries itself in the underground. It operates at a lower risk, lower costs and less complexity than a drilling rig.