iFoodbag now launching its unique carrier bag with chiller and freezer functions

– Massive potential as company partners with Mat.se

Once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. iFoodbag is the type of game-changer that will simplify life. iFoodbag’s revolutionary refrigerator bag is now to be launched, as the company enters into partnership with Mat.se.

After recently signing an agreement with global packaging company Mondi, iFoodbag now takes the next step in its international expansion. The company is to partner with Mat.se, to deliver foods in a completely new way together with a major car manufacturer. The agreement means that Mat.se and the car manufacturer will make flexible ordering of foods and recipes possible direct from the car for next day delivery. And that's where iFoodbag’s unique carrier bag comes in: iFoodbag’s® technology means that the water-resistant bag is perfect for containing frozen and chilled foods during delivery to the customer’s home, in contrast to anything else currently on the market.

“iFoodbag® enables us to take our concept a step further by increasing flexibility for our customers and giving us additional delivery alternatives. Ensuring that the food remains chilled even after leaving our delivery vans opens up a whole new world of opportunities, which we will be marketing as from tomorrow,” says Måns Danielsson, CEO at Mat.se.

The product is designed for e-commerce companies selling foods online and for high street food retailers. This technology means easier and more eco-friendly transportation of frozen and chilled goods, enhanced food quality and less need for additives. The company hopes that iFoodbag® will mean reduced food waste and save food that would previously have been spoiled, e.g. in a hot climate, as the paper bag has a chiller and freezer function that keeps the goods chilled or frozen for up to 24 hours.

“It feels great to be able to deliver this totally unique technology after seven years of hard work. The product can potentially make life easier for so many people, and it is really fantastic to finally be able to present it. This world-leading technology will mean that the carrier bag will be the next global success story,” states Karl Fallgren, CEO and founder of iFoodbag.

For further information please contact:

Karl Fallgren, CEO and founder of iFoodbag AB

Phone: +46 76 163 47 03

E-mail: karl.fallgren@ifoodbag.se

Gustaf Graah-Hagelbäck, Inmema PR

Phone: +46 70 719 34 84

E-mail: gustaf.graah-hagelback@inmema.com

About iFoodbag: WE SIMPLIFY LIFE.

iFoodbag is a Swedish start-up company and newcomer in the packaging industry. It was founded in 2013 and developed the unique paper bag of that name, the iFoodbag®. The iFoodbag® is an innovative bag made from a composite material that can protect chilled and frozen food for up to 24 hours as a passive packaging solution. The iFoodbag®. is intended to solve inter alia the following problems:

• E-commerce logistics challenge: costs and product quality

• Improved quality for chilled and frozen items

• Environmental waste

The company has received a number of awards for its new approach and start-up idea. For further information, please visit www.ifoodbag.com.

About Us

ifoodbag is the Swedish newcomer in the packaging industry who developed the unique paper carrier bag with the same name. The company was set up in 2013 with a vision of a more sustainable society through offering consumers and businesses cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and robust packaging solutions with chilling and freezing functionality. The company has received a number of awards for its new approach and world-leading work.For further information, please visit www.ifoodbag.com