ELESTER PKP goes live with IFS Applications 9

Leading Polish manufacturer in the electric power industry optimizes complex project management with IFS Applications

IFS, the global enterprise software company, announces that ELESTER-PKP, a leading Polish enterprise in supervisory control systems for the railway and tramway power industry, has implemented IFS Applications™ 9.

ELESTER-PKP specializes in production of SCADA supervisory control systems dedicated to the railway and tramway electric power industry. The company also manufactures rail computer control and signalling systems as well as DC protection system devices.

Following a rapid implementation project, IFS Applications 9 has been deployed at ELESTER-PKP’s headquarters in Łódź, at its branches in Warsaw, Poznań, Opole, and Lublin as well as at nine service units located across the country. The solution supports management of the company’s key business processes, including finance, manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, projects, human resources, and payroll.

“In our extensive production activities, efficient management of diverse and often highly complex projects is of the utmost importance,” said Marcin Kokoszka, Member of the Board, Commercial Director at ELESTER-PKP. “One of the reasons why we chose IFS Applications was its project management module, which is a highly recognized solution in our sector. IFS Applications 9 allows us to streamline project management, provide full insight into our operations, and enable full cost control.”

Marcin Taranek, President of IFS CEE commented, "We are pleased to announce that ELESTER-PKP has chosen to leverage the benefits of IFS Applications 9. We are confident that our solution will support ELESTER-PKP’s future growth and that it will increase the company’s competitiveness on the Polish market.”

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Magdalena Golanska, VP Marketing IFS CEE , Phone: 48 500 100 090, magdalena.golanska@ifsworld.com

Anna Machol, PR, IFS Poland, Phone: 48 512 134 493, press@ifsworld.com


The company is the leader in development of supervisory control systems for railway and tramway power industry on the Polish market. It is also a leading supplier of various automation systems for the railway market.

In the latest ranking of “The Most Innovative Companies 2016” prepared by Rzeczpospolita, the company was ranked at the 28th position. Such a high position is a result of a completed R&D project: an entirely Polish rail computer control and signaling system — ISKRA.

Shares of ELESTER-PKP equally belong to one of the Polish companies, PKP Energetyka, and a global company, General Electric, represented by GE Power Controls S.A., being a Polish entity.

For more information visit: http://www.elester-pkp.com.pl/index_en.php.

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