Ilchi Lee Peace on Earth Message Expressed in Special Blog

Sedona, Arizona - Ilchi Lee is the founder and creator of Brain Education and numerous methods for meditation and self-healing, and author of several books reflecting the practical wisdom of the Korean Taoist tradition. A special blog introducing Ilchi Lee’s peace philosophy provides insights for personal development and individual peace that can lead to peace for all. Regardless of our religious, ethnic or political associations, Ilchi Lee reminds us that we are one family on the Earth.

The Ilchi Lee Energy Principle is the basis of his peace philosophy. It is an understanding of the universality of life, a message for personal growth that speaks to the interconnectedness of all life. He believes that people can improve themselves and the world around them through this awareness of interconnectedness and by harnessing the potential of the brain.  According to Lee, this way of thinking is the root of peace. “Only human beings are worried about life,” says Ilchi Lee. “Birds in the sky never worry about what to eat, or where to spend the winter. That's because they know nature will take care of them.” So, for Ilchi lee, peace on Earth is not a far flung dream, but something close to reality.

The specialty blog at features practical wisdom and reflects years of work toward world peace. “Ilchi Lee Peace,” as the blog is known, focuses on peace ideals and how individuals can get closer to the earth through exercises and meditation that improve their own well-being.

Applying the Korean humanitarian principal known as “Hong-Ik,” Lee encourages individuals to engage in personal development with the aim of helping the world as a whole. One individual’s conscious improvement to their quality of life can make a big difference. This Earth Day, for the sake of the environment of our planet and the health of our human family, we must seek peace within ourselves.

About Ilchi Lee:
Ilchi Lee is an author and founder of Brain Education, Brain Wave Vibration and numerous meditation methods that utilize universal energy (Ki) in pursuit of healing for individuals, society and the earth. He is also a well-respected humanitarian, working with the United Nations and many other organizations to make contributions to their global peace and humanitarian efforts.

Michela Mangiaracina