Announces Charles Sizemore as Best Stock Picker of 2011

Charles Sizemore Soars above Competitors with 45% Return on Visa as his Stock Pick, Announces Best Stock for 2012

ROCKVILLE, MD AND DALLAS - (January 12, 2012) — Charles Sizemore, Chartered Financial Analyst and editor of The Sizemore Investment Letter, has won’s annual stock-picking contest.

Sizemore’s best stock pick for 2011 was Visa, Inc. (NYSE:V), a data processing and electronic payments company, was up 44% in 2011.    

“This is an incredible win,” said Jeff Reeves, Editor, “The Dow ended up 4.68% for the year ending 2011, while the S&P 500 came in with a negative return of -1.12% and the Nasdaq, which did slightly worse, came in at -3.21%.”

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“My rationale for picking Visa as a best stock to own in 2011was this: In an uncertain market, bet on the durable macro trends that are certain,” Sizemore explained. “Visa benefited from two durable macro trends—the shift to a global cashless society and the rise of the new middle class in emerging market countries. In many emerging markets, consumer credit is a relatively new concept. Most of the working class population operates in cash; as they rise up the economic ladder and become middle class; they are mainstreamed into the world of modern finance. That means paying with plastic. In Visa, I saw a fantastic company with a share price that had become temporarily depressed, therefore, I saw an opportunity. I was prepared to wait, but I didn't have to—investors came to their senses in 2011,” Sizemore said.

One investor of note—Warren Buffett—appeared to agree with Sizemore. In Berkshire Hathaway's 3rd quarter SEC filings, it was reported that Berkshire made a large purchase of Visa shares in 2011.

Sizemore admits it was a contrarian pick: “Visa had a few black marks that had caused investors to dump the stock. The Durbin Amendment to the Dodd Frank financial reform required the Fed to limit the fees that banks could charge. Fearing the worst, investors dumped the stock first and asked questions later,” said Sizemore. “Had they bothered to look at the financials, they would have quickly seen that the rules would only affect U.S. debit card transactions; credit card and non-U.S. debit card transactions would be unaffected,” Sizemore explained.

SIZEMORE’S LOGIC FOR 2012 “BEST STOCK” PROJECTION has now announced the ten stock pickers’ projections for the “10 Best Stocks for 2012” ( The list includes recommendations from a group of money managers, market experts and financial journalists, including their #1 stock picker in 2011, Charles Sizemore.

Sizemore’s choice for best stock in 2012 is Turkcell (NYSE:TKC), a Turkish stock Sizemore calls “a telecom at the crossroads of powerful macro trends.” To read Sizemore’s entire essay on why he is choosing Turkcell as his #1 stock pick in 2012:

Jeff Reeves, Editor of, and Charles Sizemore, publisher of The Sizemore Investment Letter, offer additional insights in this informative audio interview.

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