InDex Pharmaceuticals initiates the subscription period for the initial public offering in connection with planned listing on Nasdaq First North

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September 14, 2016 - Today is the first day of the subscription period for InDex Pharmaceuticals Holding AB’s (publ) (the "Company or the" InDex") new issue of shares of SEK 250 million. The issue also includes an overallotment option of 25 million. The subscription period runs until September 27, 2016.

InDex main owners SEB Venture Capital, Industrifonden and NeoMed Management has made significant subscription commitments in the issue of new shares, which through subscription commitments and guarantee commitments is guaranteed to 100 percent.

InDex will also apply for the Company’s shares of class B to be listed for trading on Nasdaq First North Stockholm. Provided that the application for listing is approved, the first day of trading is planned to occur on or about the 11th of October 2016.

The purpose of the offering - in addition to broadening the shareholder base - is to fund the upcoming Phase IIb study with the drug candidate cobitolimod.

– With the development now accelerating and entering a decisive stage, the capital requirement increases. At the same time, we see great potential for a significant increase in value over a couple of years. It is therefore natural to turn to the public market for financing, says InDex Pharmaceuticals CEO Peter Zerhouni.

In connection with the subscription period starting, a dedicated IPO page is launched with information about the company and its operations, including the prospectus, as well as practical information on how to proceed in order to participate in the IPO. The IPO page is found at:

For more information:            
Peter Zerhouni, CEO                    
08-508 847 35  

About InDex Pharmaceuticals
InDex is a pharmaceutical development company focusing on immunological diseases where there is a high unmet medical need for new treatment options. The Company’s foremost asset is the drug candidate cobitolimod, which is in late stage clinical development for the treatment of moderate to severe active ulcerative colitis - a debilitating, chronic inflammation of the large intestine.

Cobitolimod is a new type of drug that can help patients with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis back to a normal life. InDex has also developed a platform of patent protected discovery stage substances, so called DNA based ImmunoModulatory Sequences (DIMS), with the potential to be used in treatment of various immunological diseases.

InDex is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Main shareholders are SEB Venture Capital, Industrifonden and NeoMed Management. The Company’s operations are mainly conducted through its subsidiary InDex Pharmaceuticals AB. For more information, please visit

About cobitolimod                    
Cobitolimod has a new type of mechanism of action. It is a so-called Toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9) agonist, that can provide an anti inflammatory effect locally in the large intestine, which may induce mucosal healing and relief of the clinical symptoms in ulcerative colitis.

Cobitolimod has achieved clinical proof-of-concept in moderate to severe active ulcerative colitis, with a very favorable safety profile. Data from four placebo-controlled clinical trials indicate that cobitolimod has statistically significant effects on those endpoints that are most relevant in this disease, both from a regulatory and clinical perspective. These endpoints include the key clinical symptoms such as blood in stool, number of stools, and mucosal healing, respectively.

In January 2016, WHO recommended the INN name cobitolimod. The substance is also known as Kappaproct® and DIMS0150.

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