Induct and Fuse Announces Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Enterprise Mobile Innovation

March 13, 2018 (Oslo, Norway)  — Induct, a leading innovation software provider for enterprises and public sector, today announced a strategic partnership with Fuse, creators of the Fuse native app development platform, to accelerate the mobilization and adoption of Induct services.

Fuse, the native development platform and tool suite that improves collaboration between developers, designers and stakeholders has recently made their newest pilot product Apps as a Service available to a limited number of partners, starting with Induct.

“Induct is all about innovation, and innovation is all about ideas. But you never know when the great new idea will pop up. Going mobile, no idea slips away and helps our customers achieve their strategic goals more efficiently. That is what Induct is all about”, said CEO Alf Martin Johansen in Induct. “Easy mobilization of the Induct platform that takes into account each individual customer’s specific needs and requests adds significant value to our product lineup, and with Apps as a Service from Fuse, we’re able to bring both financial predictability and great user experience to our customers in record time.”

With Apps as a Service, existing SaaS and digital services can have state-of-the-art native apps created that are perfectly tailored to their service or product. Reducing code complexity and cutting time-to-market for new apps and features is instrumental to businesses looking to mobilize their product offerings.

“Seeing what Induct are doing in the innovation space was very exciting for us”, said Anders Lassen, CEO and co-founder of Fuse. “Working with our users over the past five years, we’ve found that most app use cases are covered by a small set of well-defined features and functions. With Apps as a Service, we’re making these available to ISVs and SaaS providers so they can focus on their core business and innovation strategies.”

Research firm Gartner lists the myriad of choices for architectures, tooling and sourcing is reducing the number of successful mobile app implementations. Many organizations prefer the responsibility for the many complexities of app development to be undertaken by an outsourced third party, especially if app development is a not a core competency for them.

“We investigated everything from pure native development to so-called ‘low-code’ integrated environments, and what Fuse has brought forward with Apps as a Service offers a complete shift in how we see mobilization”, said CEO Alf Martin Johansen at Induct. “By practically eliminating the need for internal development by our customers, we’re able to give them the mobile presence they require in a fraction of the time.”


For further information, please contact:

Alf Martin Johansen, Chief Executive Officer
+47 90 17 94 35

About Induct

Based on eight years of collaboration with over 250 organizations, Induct offers innovation communities, delivered as "Software as a Service," that enable organizations to create, manage, track and measure the innovation process from idea creation through to final implementation and impact reporting.

Induct enables its customers to connect with each other in larger networks to share best practices, while deploying and monetizing initiatives - all within a secure, collaborative, and access-controlled cloud-based network.

Induct is listed on the Merkur Market list on the Oslo Stock Exchange with the ticker INDUCT-ME. Induct: “Connecting Innovation Communities™”

About Fuse

Fuse is a software development house founded in 2011 that has created a platform which makes native app development easier, more efficient and more fun for both developers and designers. The Fuse platform allows teams to be more efficient throughout the entire app development process, including deploying to iOS and Android from the same code-base.

Fuse continues to be highlighted as one of the top startups to watch, and has offices in Oslo (Norway), Palo Alto (USA), and Seoul (South Korea).