Subsequent offering of NOK 5 million completed

Reference is made to stock exchange notice published on 26 April 2016 regarding subsequent offering of NOK 5,000,000.

The subscription period ended 10 May 2016. Induct has received subscriptions amounting to NOK 7,086,000. The Board has in a Board meeting decided on the allocation of NOK 5,000,000 between the subsribers. The Company will send information to the subscribers directly regarding their allocation of shares shortly.


For further information, please contact:

Alf Martin Johansen, Chief Executive Officer
47 90 17 94 35

About Induct

Based on eight years of collaboration with over 250 organizations, Induct offers innovation communities, delivered as "Software as a Service," that enable organizations to create, manage, track and measure the innovation process from idea creation through to final implementation and impact reporting. Induct enables its customers to connect with each other in larger networks to share best practices, while deploying and monetizing initiatives - all within a secure, collaborative, and access-controlled cloud-based network. Induct is listed on the Merkur Market list on the Oslo Stock Exchange with the ticker INDUCT-ME.

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