Insplorion sells Acoulyte Module to Prof. Marletta at University of Catania, Italy

Professor Giovanni Marletta and his research team at the department of Chemical Sciences, University of Catania is working within the fields of functional biointerfaces, including biosensors and stimuli-responsive ultrathin films. They were one of the early users of both the QCM-D and NPS technologies. The group has now added the Acoulyte Module to fully be able to combine these technologies and strengthen their research capabilities.

"We are very familiar with both the QCM-D and the NPS technology and it is a mandatory step to fully combine them with the Acoulyte. The simultaneous measurements, in the same shot, of different properties of molecular species at the very same area, with two synergic technologies allow a deeper and reliable interpretation of the results. As far as I know, the Acoulyte device is the only tool that combines acoustic and optical measurements in a simple way and it will be a very valuable tool in our continued research effort on functional biointerfaces and biosensors," comments Professor Marletta, Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Catania, Italy.

The Acoulyte module is acquired as an add-on to the existing QCM-D and NPS technologies in the lab of the Marletta group with an order value of about 100 000 SEK.

"Professor Marletta and his group has already showed the usefulness of our XNano instrument within biological applications and we are very glad that he now continues this work with the added capabilities that the Acoulyte brings. A strong reference customer just got stronger." comments Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO at Insplorion.

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