Sweden’s shortest domain names to be auctioned off

For the first time ever, one has the chance to become a holder of a .se domain name with only one character. Today, .SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation) starts an auction on Sweden's largest online auction site Tradera, where it is possible to bid on domain names that have never before been possible to register – for example, 1.se, 3.se and j.se.

There are a total of 18 .se domains to be auctioned off: 0.se – 9.se, j.se, q.se, v.se, å.se, ä.se, ö.se, é.se and ü.se, all with a starting price of 1 SEK. The auctions are part of .SE’s ongoing efforts to have as few blocked .se domains as possible.

 Interest for attractive .se domain names is large. Our assessment is that these domain names do not need to be blocked anymore. If anyone is interested in registering them, we will not block it, says .SE’s CEO Danny Aerts.

 Through the domain names being sold on Tradera, the chances increase that more who are interested will have the possibility to bid. We sell things daily that you can’t find anywhere else, says Marcus Almén, Brand Activation Manager at Tradera.

Generally, a domain name with few characters is very attractive since there are so few left.

 A good domain name is an important part of a company’s brand strategy. With these domains, there are large opportunities for creative people to create great services, which are easily communicated from the start, says, .SE’s CEO Danny Aerts.

The auctions will run until June 11. Profits from the auctions will go to .SE’s different projects to encourage development and use of the internet in Sweden; for example, the school contest Webbstjärnan, the Internet Fund, and increasing digital participation.

The auction can be found here: tradera.com/se 

Tradera membership for foreign users: tradera.com/UserRegistration

For more information, please contact:

Elisabeth Nilsson, Public relations manager, .SE
Telephone: 070-407 58 29
E-mail: elisabeth.nilsson@iis.se

Marcus Almén, Brand activation manager, Tradera
Telephone: 072 3133 555
E-mail: Malmen@ebay.com

About .SE

.SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation) is an independent public organization that works for the positive development of the internet in Sweden. .SE is responsible for the internet’s Swedish top-level domain, .se, with registering of domain names as well as the administration and technical operations of the national domain name register. Since September 2013, .SE has also handled the operation and administration for the top-level domain .nu. Read more at iis.se/english

About Tradera

Tradera is Sweden’s most visited shopping site with more than 1.3 million unique visitors each week. With a broad range of offers, everything from children’s clothing to home design and home electronics, and around 1.4 million products available.