InZon Announces the acquisition of American Visiontech Co. Ltd.

DELRAY BEACH, Florida, May 17, 2012 - InZon Corporation (OTCBB: IZON) (InZon) today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire all outstanding shares of AVC Acquisition Corporation, the holding company of American Visiontech Co. Limited in the consideration of approximately 96% of the outstanding shares of InZon as of the closing date set forth in the agreement.

American Visiontech Co. Ltd. (AVC) is a fully owned subsidiary of AVC Acquisition Corp. engaged primarily in equity investment of biotech, green energy and communication technology area.

AVC is in the process of finishing the financial audit based on US GAAP standard. The acquisition will be closed and completed upon a satisfactory audit result and customary due diligence requirements.

About InZon Corp.

InZon currently has no operations.

The company is currently located at 238 NE First Ave, in Delray Beach, FL.

About American Visiontech Company Limited

America Vision-tech Co., Ltd (AVC) is a private company registered in British Virgin Island (BVI) that focuses in equity investment in public and private companies. The headquarters is in Los Angles, United States and corporate web site is

AVC has several branch offices in the Asia Pacific region, mainly investing in high technology companies and high growth enterprises in various industries. It looks for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) opportunities and also invests in Initial Public Offerings (IPO) opportunities.

AVC focuses on assisting Chinese companies to go public in the United States and Canada. AVC has a team of professionals bringing in valuable capital market experience for those Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

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About Us

The company utilizes Voice over Internet Protocol ("VoIP") technology to provide complete voice, fax, data and conference call services on an ASP platform utilizing its own worldwide hybrid VoIP/TDM (Traditional Voice) network. The company's hybrid TDM and IP Telephony technology use leading edge monitoring and management software to thoroughly evaluate profitability in real-time and employ dynamic routing that allow its systems to immediately react to changing network conditions and reroute based on predefined criteria.