MVV introduces multi-client integration system for real-time data and operations

IVU supplies background software for MVV Regional bus services

Berlin/Munich, 12 November 2014 – Mobility in the areas around Munich is white, blue and green. The regional bus services organised by MVV (Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund) connect the surrounding administrative districts with one another and with the Bavarian state capital. Operating on over 200 routes with some 3,600 stops and a total length of 4,300 km, more than 40 independent transport companies with nearly 600 vehicles provide the local public transport throughout the region. In order to be able to present passengers with real-time data from December 2015 onwards, MVV GmbH has placed an order with IVU Traffic Technologies AG as part of its ISE project (Integration System for Real-time Data) following a European call for tenders.

MVV GmbH is responsible on behalf of eight administrative districts for the planning, organisation and commissioning of regional bus services. With the introduction of the ISE system, MVV GmbH has the following objectives:

  • To provide passengers with live information about public transport services,
  • To improve the reliability of connections between the MVV regional bus services and other modes of transport such as the urban rail (S-Bahn) and underground rail (U-Bahn), and
  • To provide the public transport companies with technical support for their operational control.

The ISE system is being introduced as part of the telematics initiative ‘DEFAS’ (Electronic Passenger Information and Connection Assurance System) of the Free State of Bavaria. It is supported by the Regional Government of Upper Bavaria. The MVV regional bus services are run mainly by small and medium-sized public transport companies. Consequently, the administrative districts presented the transport association with the task of establishing a centralised, multi-client system under the supervision of MVV GmbH which could be made available to the public transport companies.

MVV GmbH attaches particular importance to the multi-client capability of the non-discriminatory solution. Each public transport company still remains responsible for the operational continuity of the services they provide. The integration system is additionally able to generate real-time data for the MVV regional bus companies which can be brought together centrally. This can benefit in particular those MVV regional bus companies that do not have their own intermodal transport control system (ITCS).

IVU Traffic Technologies AG in Berlin is supplying its products IVU.fleet and IVU.fare as the main components for integrated real-time data recording and electronic fare management. In the course of the project, a number of transport companies have also decided to equip their vehicles with on-board computers from IVU. However, this is not essential for the operation of the fleet management system, because with its open interfaces IVU.fleet is able to integrate smoothly with other types of on-board computer.

Trial operations with the combined on-board computer and ticket printer will begin in January 2015 on 50 regional buses. All devices have been made future-proof by including e-ticketing capability. At least 120 vehicles with the systems will have entered into regular operations by the end of 2015. The buses will then continuously provide real-time data to the MVV integration platform. Passengers will benefit from the availability of live information for many services and connections – then also covering Munich’s surrounding districts and including the various transport companies involved.

“The IVU system impressed us with its flexibility and it standardised structure”, says Alexander Freitag, Managing Director of MVV. “Thanks to the integration of various types of data from numerous companies and the short implementation period we will very soon be able to offer our passengers better and more convenient services.” Dr Helmut Bergstein, member of the board of IVU Traffic Technologies AG, comments further: “Regions need attractive and reliable local transport services which are able to offer a single tariff structure and comprehensive passenger information. This is made possible by our multi-client system.”

Regional buses of MVV receive a multi-client integration system for real-time data and operations from IVU Traffic Technologies AG (Picture credits: MVV GmbH)

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Since 1996 MVV GmbH is organised as a public transport association, making a significant contribution to the provision of public transport in the Greater Munich area. More than 40 companies are contracted to provide public transport services in the region on behalf of MVV respectively the administrative districts in the association.

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