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Promemoria Introduces Giacom

Milan, May 2012 -- Does a substantive desk produce substantive work? Does an elegantly designed partner desk encourage inspired collaboration? If productivity, collaboration and even genius are to spring to life from a piece of furniture, the new Giacomo desk designed by Romeo Sozzi and hand crafted in his storied Lake Como-based furniture atelier Promemoria would be that piece. More accurately, pieces, as you may choose a single Giacomo desk, or opt for a double: two Giacomo desks plus a cast bronze combination bookshelf/console that elegantly forms the bridge between the two, transforming them into a handsome and generously sized partner desk.

Sozzi, whose passion is creating couture furniture for the most discerning clientele, incorporated into the Giacomo desk many of the aspects for which Promemoria is world renowned, among them:

Fine Materials:

Cast statuary bronze in a silken brushed finish that cries out for touch forms the drawer fronts of the desk as well as the /bookshelf console insert piece for the partner desk.

Rare Finishes:

The solid hardwoods and exotic wood veneers of Promemoria are the finest offered anywhere. Giacomo is offered in oak in tones of natural, anthracite or gold/silver or copper brushed. It is also available in light grey Sucupira wood, an exotic from Brazil with a distinctive grain. Other exotics include rich Ebony and Morado, a warm-toned, fine grained Brazilian wood from the Rosewood family that is often used for making fine musical instruments.

Thoughtful Details:

Thoughtfulness is built in to every piece of Promemoria furniture. In Giacomo, grace notes include leather drawer liners in a choice of colors and textures, soft-close drawer mechanisms, electrical cord management plates in the bronze console, or custom-placed cord management in the individual desks.

Look-twice hardware:

Countersunk drawer pulls preserve the desk front as a sleek plane, while they also add an unexpected sculptural effect with their joyous oval shape and lively banded edge.

Custom and bespoke options:

The Promemoria design team, with Romeo Sozzi at the helm, are specialists in handmade couture furniture, and thus is eager to create the custom version of every piece that will best suit its user.

Choices in Scale and Mood:

Aside from the single or double desk option, there’s a more feminine and compact version of the Gicaomo writing desk featuring the bronze drawers on only one side, with a simple, elegantly turned, bronze-footed table leg on the opposite end. Perfect for smaller urban spaces or a cozy writer’s nook, even as a super-sophisticated dressing table, this version of Giacomo is a gem.

The Giacomo desk in allof its iterations and any custom option is offered through the Promemoria flagship showroom in New York's Fine Arts Builsing, 232 East 59th Street, as well as Promemoria showrooms and dealers throughout the United States. For more information, visit the Prmemoira website:

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Quick facts

The Giacomo desk can be configured in at least five different ways - partner's desk, six-drawer desk with bronze console/shelf unit, single six drawer desk, single 3-drawer desk, or custom.
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Promemoria has the largest store of exotic hardwoods in all of Europe, so it can offer this and many of its tables, desks and dressers in a wide range of solid hardwoods and exotic wood double-veneers.
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All Promemoria furniture is made by hand in Italy's Lake Como region.
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Promemoria has an in house staff of architects who often design entire bespoke homes for the firm's discerning clientele.
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