Mexicana signs for Carmen Integrated Operations Control

Mexicana Airlines has extended their use of Carmen’s integrated product suite by signing a long-term agreement for Carmen Integrated Operations Control (Carmen IOCS) which includes; Carmen Crew Control, Carmen Fleet Control and Carmen Passenger Recovery. Captain Felix Sanchez, Chief Operations Officer at Mexicana, says that Mexicana expects to streamline operations from planning to the day of operations by improving the decision making process. “Carmen IOCS will integrate information regarding our crew, passengers, and aircraft into a complete view of operations thereby increasing the speed and quality of decisions made. With Carmen IOCS our users will be able to focus more on the decisions relating to the overall operation as the system helps the users by automating the more time consuming manual work carried out daily.” Captain Sanchez adds that through Carmen’s integrated crew and fleet planning Mexicana will achieve better integration of all processes and can more effectively pinpoint critical areas in the operation to increase efficiency. “Through combining Carmen IOCS with Carmen Tail Assignment, which is currently in full production, we will be able to fine-tune our fleet allocation in response to changes in passenger demand and also enhance the services we offer our passengers.” Sren Boje Mortensen, Senior Vice President Airline Solutions at Carmen Systems, says that Mexicana is realizing the overall business benefits from optimizing their passenger, crew and fleet planning. “Mexicana expects to decrease their response time on solutions by 90 per cent. At the same time they will reduce operating costs by saving money and making better aircraft changes with no increase in charges to passengers. By using Carmen’s decision support tools and optimization on the day of operation, faster and more cost-efficient decisions will improve the overall performance of Mexicana’s entire operation.” For Additional Information Contact: Per Norén, President & CEO +46 31 720 81 01 Michael Brusberg, Dir Corporate Communication +46 31 722 63 43 Carmen Systems AB Odinsgatan 9 SE-411 03 Göteborg Sweden +46 31 720 81 00

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