Jolla, the smartphone from Finland now available in Russia

Helsinki, Finland – November 10, 2014 – Jolla Ltd., the smartphone company from Finland, today announced that its flagship Jolla smartphone, running the unique Sailfish OS, is now available in Russia. Starting today, Russian customers can pre-order the Jolla smartphone through Jolla’s Russian online shop. 

Jolla is a unique Finnish smartphone running its independent operating system, Sailfish OS. Based on the heritage of MeeGo, an open source operating system formerly developed by Nokia among others, the Jolla smartphone and Sailfish OS offer a distinct user experience, unlike any of the other major device or mobile operating system on the market today.

Jolla is currently the only commercially available European smartphone, with its own operating system. Jolla, with its distinct Finnish buttonless design, unique Sailfish OS gesture-based user experience, and Android application compatibility is now available for pre-orders at Jolla’s Russian online shop at In Russia Jolla Ltd. has partnered with renowned local mobile distributor VVP Group who takes care of running the Russian online shop, customer care, and handles the distribution within Russia.  

Sami Pienimäki, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Jolla Ltd. comments: “We are extremely excited to launch Jolla, the only European smartphone with our own independent Sailfish OS operating system to the massive Russian market. Jolla already has a strong following in Russia, and we’ve received a huge amount of queries about our sales start. Now, with the help our local valued partners Yandex and VVP Group, we are opening our local Jolla Online Shop to bring Jolla to the Russian Federation.”

Classic Finnish design

The Jolla smartphone represents simple and bold Finnish smartphone design heritage in its purest form. With its pure lines and clarity, Jolla feels sleek and just right in your hand. The buttonless, gesture-based user interface, designed for optimal use with just one hand, offers an unrivalled user experience, which is fast and simple to use. With its live multitasking, Jolla is the only smartphone that shows all your running apps on one screen, without having to open and close them.

Android applications through Yandex application store

The Jolla smartphone supports all your favorite Android™ applications as well as intuitive native Sailfish OS apps, which makes Jolla an easy choice for smartphone consumers. Jolla has partnered with one of Europe’s largest internet companies Yandex, to offer its users the latest available Android applications.

The Other Half: make Jolla the other half of you! 

The Jolla smartphone also introduces a previously unseen combination of hardware and software innovation, called “The Other Half”. By attaching specifically designed smart covers, the smartphone becomes alive and unique, utilising preset ambiences and functionalities, such as colours, fonts, sounds, profiles, and applications. Manufactured from ultra-durable and scratch resistant polycarbonate, “The Other Half” is the soul of your Jolla, delivering a personal and unique experience.


The Jolla smartphone running Sailfish OS is now available for pre-orders for 19,990 RUB at Product deliveries will start by the end of November.  

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About Jolla

Jolla Ltd. is developing mobile devices and Sailfish OS, the open mobile operating system. The Jolla smartphone, powered by Sailfish OS is currently available in Europe, Hong Kong, India and Russia. Jolla was born in 2011 out of the passion of its founders towards open innovation in the mobile space, continuing the heritage of Nokia and Meego. The Jolla smartphone is designed and developed in Finland. 

Jolla Ltd. has offices in Helsinki (HQ) and Tampere, Finland and Hong Kong.

About VVP Group

VVP Group’s occurrence and development are inseparable from the wide spread appearance of cellular communications. It started in 1994 with the first deliveries of NMT and later GSM telephones. Communication product delivery, logistics, financial management, information and market research – is the main business of VVP Group today. The company was able to achieve the best results in cooperation with such world leaders as Nokia, Sony mobile, Sony electronics and Yota, whose merchandise is offered by VVP Group today.

VVP Group constantly increases the number of offered services, organizes and manages accompanied businesses, maintaining the high level of staff qualification and corresponding level of software.