Production of water treatment units in Hungary

JOSAB announces that they will start production of units for water treatment in their manufacturing unit in Szerencs, Hungary.

During a ceremony with the City Mayors of Màd and Szerencs, the management and staff of Josab Hungary Kft, the management team of Josab International as well as invited customers, partners and potential customers, the production of units for water treatment was officially opened on Thursday June 16th. The products are primarily intended for the European and African market.

Mr Norbert Udvardi, MD Josab Hungary Kft, together with the Mr Ferenc Koncz, City Mayor of Szerencs, Mr György Udvardi, Mining Engineer Josab Hungary Kft, and Mr Johan Gillgren, CEO Josab International AB jointly declared the new production officially opened. Close to one hundred guests had been invited to the ceremony at JOSAB in Szerencs, where the first container based unit was shown.

CEO, Johan Gillgren said in his speech that “This is the first step in the transformation of JOSAB Hungary from only being a producer and supplier of AqualiteTM to become a full line producer, test center and sales unit for JOSAB’s water cleaning system as well as other products within the CleanTech area.”

Josab Hungary Kft is Josab’s subsidiary in Hungary responsible for mining and production of the unique filter material Aqualite™. Since 2007 the mine in Ratka, with the mineral rights, is owned by Josab Hungary Kft. In the neighbor city Szerencs Josab Hungary runs their own production of Aqualite™, which is the main component of JOSAB’s patented ecological water treatment plants. The subsidiary in Hungary is also responsible for the sales within Europe of Aqualite™ and other products derived from the mining of Clinoptilolite. Number of employees in Hungary are eleven persons mainly dedicated for production, sales, logistics and administration.

Stockholm 16th of June 2016

For more information, please contact:

Johan Gillgren                                                               
Josab International AB         
+46 (0)8 121 389 00                                                                                                                                                                

About Josab International AB
Josab International AB manufactures and sells ecological water treatment solutions based on, by the company patented, unique filter material Aqualite™. Josab International AB has today five fully owned daughter companies,
Josab Hungary Kft, Josab East Africa Ltd, Josab India Pvt Ltd, Josab China Ecological Water Treatment Systems Co Ltd and JOSINT Financial Services AB.


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