Status concering pilot installation and exclusive sales rights of Chromafora’s SELME™.

During spring 2015 JOSAB informed that the company would soon start a pilot installation in China. JOSAB also informed during spring 2015 that the company would also initiate negotiations regarding exclusive sales rights of Chomafora’s SELMEXT™. JOSAB subscribed to their “pro-rata” share in Chromafora’s new share issue, as informed during spring 2016.

JOSAB chooses to pause with the pilot installation in China, mainly due to time constraints for JOSAB, but also due to the high development pace for Chromafora and interest from potential clients in different parts of the world that consumes a lot of tme.

In consultation with the management of Chromafora, JOSAB chooses to develop their own markets and focus on sales as well as the establishment of produts and subsidiaries.

Due to above reasons, JOSAB’s management have decided to pause the negociations regarding exclusive sales rights of Chromaforas SELMEXT™, but the parties continue to have a dialogue regarding water treatment and opportunities in the market.

During spring 2016 JOSAB informed the market that the company had subscribed for 5.048 shares in Chromafora AB in a new share issue during March 2016. This means that JOSAB subscribed to their “pro-rata” share in the new issue. JOSAB do not exclude an increase of their ownership in the future.

Stockholm 3rd of June 2016

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Josab International AB         
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Josab International AB manufactures and sells ecological water treatment solutions based on, by the company patented, unique filter material Aqualite™. Josab International AB has today five fully owned daughter companies,
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