Josab India receives order in Kerala, India

As previously informed in March, Josab’s wholly owned subsidiary in India received an official tender license for water purification by the state government in Kerala, India. As consequence of the tender license Josab India Pvt Ltd has now received the first order of one unit in Kerala, India, competing in tender published by Kerala Rural Water Authority.

Josab India Pvt Ltd has signed a contract with the Regional Project Director’s office, Kannur to provide treated potable water for the Kadirur village. The order value is TSEK 100.

The Regional Project Director Sri, V Chandran has confirmed the order and stated that “Josab’s order is on pure merit through open competition and the plant proposed by Josab India has negligible operational cost”.

“This order will give us the lead to convince further invitation into new tenders published by the Kerala Government” states Dennis Abraham, MD Josab India Pvt Ltd.

Johan Gillgren, CEO Josab International AB, concludes that “The order is strategically very important to improve Josab India’s market position and to receive additional tender awards.”

Stockholm 14th of April 2016

For more information, please contact:

Johan Gillgren                                                                                                                            Dennis Abraham
CEO Josab International AB                                                                                MD Josab India Pvt Ltd

+46 (0)8 121 389 00                                                                                              + 91 8793 160092                                                                                                                       


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