Newsletter – CEO Update – April 2016 – Josab International AB

With regular intervals I will share information and update you with ongoing projects and activities within the Josab Group. In this first newsletter I will mainly focus on giving you an overview of the organization, but also briefly inform about ongoing activities within the Group. However, I would also like to be clear that no information can or will be given of an order or acquisition in newsletters or press releases until they have been signed.


My name is Johan Gillgren and I am the new CEO since two months. My history with Josab dates back to fall 2012, when I introduced Heilongjiang InterChina Watertreatment Co Ltd to Josab International AB, and that in 2014 acquired shares in Josab. I have since then closely been following the company.

I truly look forward to my new assignment to guide Josab into the next phase of its market development. The company with its unique filter material Aqualite™, products and employees will for sure make a difference for those in need of an ecological water cleaning solution.

Ongoing activities

Our main task is to focus on sales execution, where the target is to achieve a breakthrough in China, India and Hungary as well as in Africa. Our demo units are already out there proving their performance and we’re expecting some additional approvals before we can expect orders. As a consequence of this we are looking into further strengthening our own operations in China, India and Hungary.

Josab is continuously screening the market for new products and potential acquisitions that will broaden our product portfolio and add value to our customers as well as our company. As an example, we are looking into other application areas than potable water, like sewage, marine and farm applications, in order to diversify our product offering. I will elaborate on this in coming Newsletters.

In addition to a strong sales focus, we are also looking into our cost structure and components in order to streamline the operation of the Group.


Josab International AB is the parent company of the Josab Group. At the moment we are stationed in Nacka Strand, Stockholm. The staff consists, besides me, of four persons within finance/HR, sales/operation, logistic/service and design/technique. The parent company’s main task is to support the fully owned subsidiaries as well as our representatives.

Josab Hungary Kft is Josab’s subsidiary in Hungary responsible for mining and production of the unique filter material Aqualite™. Since 2007 the mine in Ratka, with the mineral rights, is owned by Josab Hungary Kft. In the neighbor city Szerencs Josab Hungary runs their own production of Aqualite™, which is the main component of Josab’s patented ecological water treatment plants. The subsidiary in Hungary is also responsible for the sales within Europe of Aqualite™ and other products derived from the mining of Clinoptilolite. Number of employees in Hungary are eleven persons mainly dedicated for production, sales, logistics and administration.

Josab India Pvt Ltd is Josab’s subsidiary in India responsible for sales, service and manufacturing of Josabs ecological water purification solutions. Manufacturing of our ecological water treatment units are done in the Pune area by a ISO9000 and ISO14000 certified subcontractor that have significant experience in producing turnkey solutions for water treatment plants. Number of employees in India are six persons mainly dedicated for sales, service, logistics and administration.

Josab China Ecological Water Treatment Systems Co Ltd is Josab’s subsidiary in China responsible for sales, service and manufacturing of Josabs ecological water purification solutions. Manufacturing of our ecological water treatment units are done by a local subcontractor in the Beijing area. The ISO 9000 certified subcontractor is also an experienced manufacturer of equipment for beverage production. Number of employees in China are two persons mainly dedicated for sales, service, logistics and administration.

Josab East Africa Ltd is Josab’s subsidiary in Africa. Due to the unstable political situation in some parts of Africa and the company’s difficulties to establish a functioning entity the board has, as previously communicated, decided to close down the subsidiary. The company will be liquidated in May 2016.

Josab will however be represented on the African market through its representatives Sherif Abamecha Fahima AB and Layan For Developent LTD.

JOSINT Financial Services AB is Josab’s fully owned subsidiary that handles the incentive program for Josab’s employees. At the annual meeting 2015-06-12 it was decided that up to one million warrants would be offered at market value to employees within the Josab Group. Up to this date employees have subscribed for 600 000 warrants. The offer expires 2016-06-30.

In countries where Josab is not present by fully owned subsidiaries Josab has a number of representatives specifically covering Africa and the Middle East.

Please, visit our web site where additional information can be found.

Closing remarks:

Josab has just embarked a journey where we will offer the world an ecological solution – Clean water for humanity!

A number of pro-active and long term actions are needed to embark on this journey and to make things happen!

I hope that you have received a brief insight of ongoing activities and a better overview of the organization for the Josab Group with the above description. In the following Newsletter I will give you an update of the progress of ongoing investments, projects and the history of the company.

Stockholm 25th of April 2016

For more information, please contact:

Johan Gillgren                                                          
CEO, Josab International AB             

+46 (0)8 121 389 00                                                                                                                                                                        

About Josab International AB
Josab International AB manufactures and sells ecological water treatment solutions based on, by the company patented, unique filter material Aqualite™. Josab International AB has today five fully owned daughter companies,
Josab Hungary Kft, Josab East Africa Ltd, Josab India Pvt Ltd, Josab China Ecological Water Treatment Systems Co Ltd and JOSINT Financial Services AB.


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