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Unlock the secrets of mood lighting with Illuminated Mirrors

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Create the perfect mood lighting with the Hollywood Mirrors collection from Illuminated Mirrors.

Stylish lighting is one of the biggest interior trends right now, and it’s easy to see why.

Bringing together the kitsch and glamour of 50s Hollywood with advances in modern technology, Hollywood Mirrors not only look good but are endlessly functional.

With a cluster of energy-saving LED light bulbs offering an exact reflection and a discreet dimmer switch to alter the brightness, Hollywood Mirror’s double as a source of ambient lighting – making that charity shop vase look like something picked up at Christie’s.

The illuminated mirror will enhance the space around it, bringing walls and furnishing to life and creating a focal point.

And with the handcrafted mirrors available in a multitude of shapes, sizes and finishes, there is a mirror to suit every room.

Wall Mounted Mirror £249.99

Created with the style-conscious in mind, the Hollywood Mirror is the ultimate looking glass for those desiring a flawless finish.

Plus, the discreet dimmer switch offers ambient lighting throughout the day.

Table Top Hollywood Mirror in High Gloss White£289.99

First made popular in the dressing rooms of stars, the illuminated mirror and its concentration of lights ensure a perfect finish every time.

This example has a discreet dimmer switch to adjust the brightness of the LED lights to reflect exactly how you will look throughout the day.

Wall Mounted Hollywood Mirror£269.99

The cluster of lights perfectly illuminates the face to show an exact reflection, while a discreet dimmer alters the brightness.

This mirror has been lovingly handcrafted to ensure it looks just as good as those looking in it.

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