Vintage dance party Itchy Feet moves from Shoreditch to Brixton

After two years of jiving and twisting in Shoreditch, acclaimed dance party Itchy Feet are packing up their glad rags and bringing their 7 inches and soul trains to The Prince of Wales – an Art Deco pleasure palace on Brixton Road – on Saturday  the 29thof November.

Launched in 2009 by DJ Leo Bedford, Itchy Feet are a collective of DJS and events enthusiasts who spend their time throwing parties for the musically disillusioned - the people who are tired of listening to the same songs, and going to same club nights week in week out.

Itchy Feet operate in around 25 towns across the UK, visiting each around five times year, and moving from venue to venue - much like a circus. With their roots in nightclubs, they apply the same formula to each vintage venture: all you need for a great party is nice people, great music and the right kind of drinks.

Expect funky soul, rhythm and blues, reggae, ska and good old fashioned rock and roll – at Itchy Feet it’s all about the old. Proudly devoid of pretention and posers, and perfect for anyone who likes to drink and dance while DJs play old tunes off original 7 inch wax. Itchy Feet invite their guests to a world away from Johnny WKD pouring his drink down your back whilst trying to kiss/punch your other half.

Leo Bedford, DJ and Founder, explained “No longer do the people of South London have to endure a night of chart pop or hardcore dance on a night out, and they definitely don’t need to hold back on our dance floor for fear of bumping into the resident hard man.

Guests at our unique party are invited to shake, swing and shimmy their way through four hours of classic music, sure to brighten up any Saturday night.”

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