New podcast offers help, advice and humor for gearheads that want to chase their dream of building, designing, engineering and marketing high performance cars and parts; featuring popular podcast host Robert Kibbe and industry veteran Dan Kahn.

Los Angeles, Calif. (May 24, 2012) – Most of the world will never understand, but for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and nitro methane in their veins, the desire to chase a dream and earn a living designing, building and engineering high-performance speed machines is insatiable. In the past, the only way to chase that dream was through trial and error, making mistakes and struggling to find a niche – until now. Cars For a Living (C4AL) is a new show on The Muscle Car Place podcast network, home to the most popular muscle car program on iTunes, featuring startup advice, business tips, stories from industry vets and plenty of humor.

“A few years ago when I decided to leave a good job as an engineer to pursue my idea for an automotive website and podcast full time, it was a huge leap of faith,” says C4AL founder and co-host Robert Kibbe. “For a multi-billion dollar industry, the automotive sector is very small and tight-knit, which can make starting a new venture a little scary. Our goal is to eliminate some of the uncertainty while keeping the show fun and providing an open forum for questions and advice.”

Available on iTunes, Stitcher and on and, Cars For a Living is a show dedicated to helping automotive enthusiasts turn their passions into income, be it as a career change or a new business venture without breaking the bank. The goal of the show is to provide a fun atmosphere where business owners, marketers and future entrepreneurs can talk, ask questions without being embarrassed, and share tips on how to grow, improve and succeed in the tough climate of the auto industry.

Based in Ames, Iowa, Robert Kibbe is the owner and creator of, and its eponymous podcast. His passion for cars drove him to leave a career as an engineer to create an all muscle car content channel. In his mid-30′s, married with three children, Robert is a muscle car nut. His 1964 Chevelle is undergoing a restoration as a thank-you-gift by Allison Customs, a restoration shop started by a listener wanting to thank him for the motivation to open its doors. Rob also does Business Development for a fuel systems technology company.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Dan Kahn is president of Kahn Media Inc., an automotive PR and Social Media Marketing firm that specializes in the auto aftermarket, representing more than a dozen top brands. He founded his company in 2008 after a decade in the aftermarket as a salesman, journalist and PR pro. At 16, Dan managed to talk his way into getting his first car onto the cover of Hot Rod Magazine, and has been in the performance industry ever since. Dan is also in his mid-30’s, married, with one little girl, and a 1970 Boss 302 Mustang in the garage.

New episodes of Cars For a Living will post twice a month, featuring key guests from industry, answers to listener questions, and personal tips. To learn more, sign up for the C4AL NEWSLETTER, download the show on, iTunes, and Stitcher, and visit our Facebook Page. Other programs on The Muscle Car Place Network include The Muscle Car Place, The Pro-Touring Podcast with co-host Larry Callahan and The LSX Podcast with co-hosts Tony Whatley and John Ryan, the founders of and

About Kahn Media:

Kahn Media is based in Reseda, California and specializes in all things driven. With a deep understanding of the traditional media industry and the new media landscape, Kahn Media builds hybrid media campaigns that merge traditional PR campaigns with social media marketing programs that simultaneously increase brand awareness, improve sales and drive search engine optimization. Kahn Media clients include HRE Wheels, Hotchkis Suspension, B&M Racing, Hurst Shifters, Flowmaster Exhaust, Spectre Performance, Hedman Hedders, Red Line Oil, Replay XD Cameras, Venchurs Vehicle Systems and more. Contact Kahn Media at (818) 881-5246 or go to

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