Kawasaki focus on their Core Strength

To succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace, a business must adapt to the ever changing and challenging market conditions. For Kawasaki in the branded Power Products business, we have had the added challenge of the strong Japanese Yen which has compounded the problems of the global business downturn. In response to these significant challenges we have needed to carry out a serious review of our business activities to maximise our sales efforts.

For these reasons we have decided to gradually phase out the production and supply of our Kawasaki branded Power Products range, allowing us to concentrate all our efforts on our Core business: the sales and service of our 2 & 4 stroke petrol engine ranges.

Please note that although speculation on the internet has focused on our 4 stroke engines, our strategy is and always has been, to continue the sales and service of BOTH 2 & 4 stroke petrol engines.

Jack Ford, Senior Product Manager for Kawasaki's European Engines & Power Products Division commented:

“This has been a very tough decision taken after many months of serious deliberation, but it is the right decision. Everyone here at Kawasaki is extremely grateful to all our Distributors, Dealers and Customers for their loyal and strong support of our branded Kawasaki range over many years and hope they can appreciate and understand why we have taken this decision.”

“We are structuring this phase out over the next year or so to allow our Dealers and Distributors time to re-adjust their product portfolio, with their new ranges potentially being powered by our market leading 2 stroke engines. Also, our warranty and parts back-up will be unaffected in light of our continuing commitment to the European market. Any purchaser of our Power Products can be assured of our normal high standard of after sales service fully backing our products.”

“We are now focusing 100% on our Engine business which is certainly a positive step forward. We have positive plans to further develop our strong activity in the Turfcare markets - we are already one of the leading brands powering many excellent products. Plus, we plan to strongly increase our market activity in the industrial markets.”

“So for Kawasaki in general and Kawasaki Motors Europe in particular, our future is assured. We have grown our Engine business even in these tough economic times, so we feel confident of our bright future as we move steadily forward in the years to come.”

Louise Topp or Kar Martin

Tel:     44 (0) 1628 819555

Email: marketing@kawasaki.eu

Kawasaki Motors Europe N.V. are one of the leading manufacturers of Engines & Power Products for Europe with a comprehensive range of 2 and 4 stroke petrol Engines which continue to bring the latest in engineering excellence.

The Power Products Range which have gained a reputation as being one of the most reliable ranges available in the marketplace consists of Brush Cutters, Hedge Trimmers, Hedge Clippers, and Blowers to tackle the most challenging of working conditions.


About Us

Kawasaki Engines is part of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group which began more than 100 years ago, our engineering experience is demonstrated by our global achievements in many product areas. The General Purpose Engine Division began in 1957 and we are proud of our reputation as a leading manufacturer that continually pushes the boundaries of 2 and 4-stroke engine technology to offer the ultimate performance. Throughout the world, our engines have been providing The Core Strength for professional machines in the industrial, turfcare, grounds-care and utility markets. Despite their consistently strong power delivery, our state-of-the-art engine technology continues to achieve reduced fuel consumption and industry leading emissions levels. We recognise that we have a corporate responsibility to contribute to and act upon environmental needs and legislation today and in the future. That is why Kawasaki Engines uses 90% of recyclable materials during the development/design process. Kawasaki is committed to long term investment and structures are continually being implemented to ensure growth and support to its existing customers now and in the future.