Feed Safety firm Anitox further improves engineering services to customers

23 May 2012 Feed and food safety specialist Anitox has announced significant improvements to the range and quality of engineering services which are available to its customers throughout the world. An international corporation with seven offices on four continents, Anitox develops and manufactures a range of pathogen elimination, mould control and milling efficiency programmes for the feed milling industry, together with the primary meat, egg and fish production sectors.

Anitox customers throughout the world will benefit from the additional investment which is being made at a time when the company is responding to increasing demand, particularly for its Termin-8® pathogen control programme for finished feed and raw materials, together with its Maxi-Mil® milling efficiency programme.

A key part of the development process is the appointment of Richard York, 44, as Head of Engineering. Based at Anitox’s Europe,Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) office in Earls Barton, England Richard will lead a team of 16 highly-skilled engineers who are strategically located throughout the world and deliver the highest level of engineering support.

Richard, who has a diverse engineering background, has worked for Anitox in a variety of roles for more than eight years, most recently as Engineering Manager for the company’s EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions. Commenting on his appointment, he stated:

“Our team of talented engineers are vital to help customers get the greatest benefits from the range of Anitox products and solutions. As a fast-growing company we are continually expanding our range of expert installation and after-sales engineering services to ensure that we continue to exceed our customers’ expectations.

“Due to this expansion we are currently looking to recruit two more engineers and expect to create additional posts in the near future. This will enable us to continue to provide effective programmes and expert solutions for our customers worldwide.”

Roger Mann, Regional Director for Anitox in Europe, Middle East,Africaand Asia Pacific, commented:

“Increasingly-stringent food safety legislation and greater consumer pressure for safer food has substantially increased demand for our products from the feed milling and primary meat, egg and fish production industries. This additional investment will enable customers to gain even more benefit from our industry-leading products and technical expertise.”

Anitox has 35 years experience in antimicrobial and mould-control technology in finished livestock feeds and the raw materials used to produce them. Now at the forefront of the industry in terms of supplying products which provide safe feed to protect the health of livestock and consumers, the company is ISO 9001:12000 and GMP+ Certified.

Maxi-Mil® allows manufacturers of pelleted feeds to reduce shrink/process loss, lower press energy use, increase pellet durability, reduce fines, enhance digestibility, reduce die and roll wear and optimise their carbon footprint. Consequently, leading feed manufacturers all over the world now use the product to improve the efficiency of their milling operations.

Termin-8® has proven effective in killing Enterobacteriaceae (Salmonella & E. coli), Clostridia, Listeria, Campylobacter and Staphylococcus. Each year more than 30 million tonnes of feed and raw materials are treated with it to ensure that they are pathogen-free.

Anitox has a strong Research & Development programme which includes a pipeline of new products that are at the cutting-edge of technology. These will further increase the volume of business which the company transacts in existing markets and take it into new areas, helping livestock producers, feed manufacturers and food producers to meet future demands and challenges.

Anitox can be contacted on +44 (0)1604 811228, Email mwalker@anitox.com  or visit www.anitox.com

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1.       Founded in 1977 by research chemist Dr. Bob Bland, Anitox is based in Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA and has key regional offices/operational centres in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, together with Asia Pacific. An international corporation, Anitox is a pioneer in the field of antimicrobial products, developing and manufacturing a range of antimicrobial preservatives for animal feeds, feed ingredients and foodstuffs for human consumption. In 2007, a majority shareholding in Anitox was purchased by The Riverside Company, a leading private equity investor. Since then Anitox has invested significantly in the business.

The Anitox product line includes: Termin-8® and Monoprene bacterial control agents, Maxi-Mil® milling efficiency program, MonoProp® and Punch mould control agents, together with Blue Royale water treatment and Sorb-It aflatoxin binder. Through its Research and Development Centre, Anitox develops new products which are at the leading edge of technology. The business has an international network dedicated to providing top-quality products which are supported by the best technical service, engineers, laboratory technicians and customer service representatives. Anitox is ISO 9001:12000 and GMP Certified.

Please visit www.anitox.com for more information.

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