Mitas to exhibit new tyres at Cereals 2012

Mitas Tyres Limited, the UK’s leading off-road tyre manufacturer, will exhibit a number of new products on its stand at Cereals 2012, which will take place at Boothby Graffoe, Lincolnshire on 13 and 14 June.

They include two new tyres, the HC70 and AC70T, together with the Continental SVT CHO (Cyclic Harvesting Operation) harvester tyre.

The HC70 is a new, highly adaptable 3-in-1 tyre which sets a new benchmark in the 70 Series segment, offering additional performance on the road, in the field and on grassland. Designed for use on 90hp to 180hp tractors, it offers higher load and carrying capability than is normally available in the 70 Series segment and also improved stability, comfort and safety on the road. The combination of modern tread pattern, optimised tread contour and increased tread contact area minimises disturbance to the soil surface, reduces tyre wear and extends operating life.

A key feature of the HC70 is its ability to carry a higher load than standard 70 series tyres at the same inflation pressure. In the field, this allows the inflation pressure to be reduced by 25 per cent (0.3 Bar) whilst supporting the same load. The larger contact patch reduces soil compaction and traction is increased because more tread lugs interlock with the ground, while wheel slip is significantly reduced and fuel consumption is noticeably lower. Unlike conventional 70 Series tyres, the load on an HC70 can be increased by up to 14% for on-road use, whilst retaining the same inflation pressure.

Ron Wood, Automotive Engineering Manager for Mitas Tyres Ltd, says that the HC70 fits into the Mitas range between the standard 85 Series profile and 65 Series range, the widest-available standard tyre. 70 Series tyres enable farmers to benefit from greater traction, load carrying capacity and lower inflation pressures, without having the additional expense of fitting wider rims which are required to accommodate 65 Series tyres.

The second new tyre being shown by Mitas Tyres, the AC70T is particularly well suited to heavy field work. Its deep lugs offer a greater depth of tread than many other tyres on the market, giving greater traction, particularly in heavy clay soils, together with outstanding self-cleaning properties due to the greater inter-lug spacing.

The Continental 800/70 R32 175A8 CHO SVT, which is based on the company’s Super Volume Tyre (SVT) technology, responds to the trend of equipping modern combines with wider headers and larger grain tanks, which increase weight and ground pressure. The design of the Continental 800/70 R32 175A8 CHO SVT allows greater deflection of the sidewalls, thereby increasing the ground contact area by up to 24% and reducing the ground bearing pressure. Fitting the new tyre enables the combine to carry an increased front axle load, up to 21.5 tonnes, at an inflation pressure of just 1.6bar during cyclic harvesting operations, a 31% advantage. Being able to carry an increased load, without increasing ground pressure means that damage to the soil structure is minimised, wheel slip is reduced, fuel consumption is lower and the harvesting season is extended.

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* Source: University of Applied Sciences – Sudwestfalen, 2002


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