Reallusion Announces Key Updates To Big Lens App

Including Blur Edge Adjust and HDR function which automatically adjusts light, contrast, tones, colours and more to bring original details back into your photos.

Northampton, UK, November 29th2011— Reallusion announces updates to Big Lens app.

Reallusion heard you loud and clear! Big Lens has been out for less than 2 months, and we have already received tons of feedback from users. Reallusion are always committed to hearing your concerns and improving our products as best we can, so we are pleased to announce the new free updates for Big Lens. (Version 1.0.1115.1)


1. HDR+ – Let there be light! 

Digital cameras do not have the dynamic range capturing capabilities that the human eye does, for this reason it is often difficult to faithfully capture colour and light depth as we see it in reality.

Big Lens now solves this challenge by including the High Dynamic Range (HDR) button for retaining graphic details that would otherwise be lost. The HDR function automatically adjusts light, contrast, tones, colours and more to bring original details back into your photos.  

2. Blur Edge Adjust – No more squinting.

Users can now adjust their blur edges by simply moving the blur edge slider. Beautify images and create a more natural feel by sharpening and smoothing your focus edge with one easy slider. 

3. Restore Last Session – Big Lens never forgets…

Big Lens now allows you to restore your last work session without having to open a saved project. Even if your Apple device turns off to save battery power or memory space, Big Lens will always keep a saved version of your last session and restore it upon restart. Never lose your work again with Big Lens. 

4. Import High-res Images – Which pixel are you again?

No longer do you have to guess which pixel your friends are. With Big Lens, now you can work with higher resolution images imported straight from your onboard digital camera.

iPhone 3G users can import up to 2MP images and Big Lens will optimize the images to 960 x 720 for editing and sharing.

iPhone 3GS/iPad 1 users can import up to 10MP images, and Big Lens will optimize to 3 MP.

iPhone 4/4S/iPad 2 users can import up to 12MP images, and Big Lens will optimize to 8MP.

To learn more about Big Lens, visit the iTunes Store, and download
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