PRESS RELEASE: Fresh new assessment of Gandhi’s role in the birth of modern India

Professor Mushirul Hasan carefully researched book offers new insights into the vital part played by Gandhi in achieving independence, and in particular into his relationship with Islam and its leaders.

Faith and Freedom: Gandhi in History  by Mushirul Hasan; 556 pages, 27 b/w photos; 229 x 152mm; published by Niyogi Books / UK release July 2013.  £14.99 / Hardcover.

While Mohandas K. Gandhi is synonymous with India’s struggle for freedom and many books have been published on the subject, this critical examination greatly deepens our understanding of the landmark events in the birth of the nation, and of the people in the Mahatma’s life insofar as they influenced his politics. It offers rare insight into his opposition to the Two-Nation theory and his Unity in Diversity concept, and it sheds light on the roots of his differences with Jinnah.

Perhaps the author’s greatest contribution is his elucidation of Gandhi’s reading and interpretation of Islam, his relationship with the Muslim communities and his strategy for working with them to a greater end.

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