Economic Tendency Survey, April 2011

The Economic Tendency Indicator fell for the second consecutive month from its peak in February and the fall was 2.5 points in April. It is still at a very high level, indicating that growth in the Swedish economy remains strong.

The confidence indicator for the business sector fell five points from first quarter of its peak between the fourth quarter of 2010 and the 2011. However, the indicator remains considerably above the historic average. This decline is due to a fall in the indicators for nearly all sectors of the economy. The exception is the indicator for the construction industry which rose somewhat.

Household optimism continued to weaken in April. The Consumer Confidence Indicator (CCI), which measures confidence in personal  finances and the Swedish economy, fell nearly 1.5 points to 17.6. It has fallen over ten points since the peak in September 2010. However, the CCI remains considerably above the historic average. The Macro Index fell 3.8 points in April and the Micro Index rose 0.7 points.

Contact Information

Fredrik Paues, Business Tendency Survey, phone: +46-8 453 59 84

Torbjörn Lindquist, Consumer Tendency Survey, phone: +46-8 453 59 52

Sarah Hegardt Grant, Head of Communications, phone: 46-8-453 59 11


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