“Drones & Smartphones,” the Latest Development by UAS, Inc.

Unmanned Aerial Systems, Incorporated is using crowdfunding to finance research and development costs and to allow involvement of their customers.

ALEXANDRIA, Va.–Unmanned Aerial Systems, Incorporated announces a new project to develop a software application that will downlink drone imagery to a customer’s laptop or smartphone.  The developer has launched an Indiegogo campaign to provide funding for the writing and testing of the software, as well as making hardware adjustments on the latest commercial drone aircraft. With a goal of $40,000 and a project end date of September 11, 2014, the company will include its customers in the advancement of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology.

James McDonough, CEO of UAS, Inc. in Alexandria, Virginia explains, “In the last four years we have succeeded in integrating advanced aerial photography into our UAV technology.  As full integration of commercial unmanned air vehicles in United States airspace begins in 2015, UAS, Inc. will introduce customers to the next generation concepts-of-operation for commercial UAVs and their communication systems.”

UAS, Inc. drone cameras will uplink videos directly to the company’s secure website. Supporters of the new technology will be able to view videos and other images using the proprietary software application on their desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, and other devices. The viewer will have the ability to zoom in on the images and read the geo-referenced latitude and longitude off of the screen.

When the imaging system is complete, supporters of the campaign and customers will be able to view live drone missions on their own smartphone or computer. The images will be in near real time and may include search and rescue operations, precision agriculture, security operations, and pipeline safety operations. Unmanned Aerial Systems, Incorporated expects to deliver a full imaging downlink system to their customers by summer of 2015.

Supporters may also have the opportunity to become beta testers of the software. The company appreciates any pledge amount. With a minimum pledge of $100, backers get to own the 1.0 version of the drone imaging downlink software application. Greater perks are being awarded to even higher supporting levels. The story of the “Drones & Smartphones” can be viewed at

https://www.indiegogo.com/campaigns/drones-smartphones--2/edit/#/?tab=story  Also available on the page is a little history and projected growth of commercial drone usage.

About Unmanned Aerial Systems, Incorporated:

Since 2010, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Incorporated has succeeded in integrating advanced aerial imagery into UAV technology. So far, the company, and its partners, have created a high quality drone, an innovative fuel cell power plant for use in the aircraft, compact aerial mapping cameras, and have begun development of the imagery software. The UAS, Inc. team is comprised of individuals with many years of experience in various fields including the military, the aerial camera industry, the energy industry, astronautical engineering, defense systems, and more. View the company’s website at http://www.uasnw.com/. Questions regarding the project can be directed to the company by phone at (412) 298-9129.

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Press Contact: http://www.uasnw.com/

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