Delivering Complete Care

Cisco Smart Net Total Care Service + LAMP

This white paper focuses on how LaSalleSolutions’ LAMP intelligently wraps around Cisco’s Smart Net Total Care Service (Total Care) to complement, enhance, andextend Total Care to deliver “CompleteCare”. The winning combination of LAMP and Total Care provide unparalleled valueand opportunity to manage a customer’scomplete asset life-cycle. LAMP is a secure web-based portal that allows customers to take control and manage their assets,maintenance programs, dispositions,services and leasing programs.

LAMP and Total Care can be deployed independently; however, when deployed in parallel, LAMP complements Total Care solution to provide “Complete Care” by delivering the following:

An intelligent asset life-cycle process

Data normalization and contract accuracy

Personal on-going support

Mobility solutions

The goal of this white paper is to provide a roadmap showing that when LAMP and Total Care work in parallel, customers will eliminate entitlement issues and contract renewal hassles, dramatically improve the Return Material Authorization (RMA) process, manage credits and simplify contracts. This will change how organizations manage the complete asset life-cycle: acquisition, upgrades, moves and disposition.   Read More...


About Us

Making Your Work Easier....LaSalle Solutions helps customers streamline the equipment life-cycle process with solutions to that improve productivity and better manage resources. LaSalle works with many manufacturers and has been a nationally recognized by Cisco as Partner of the Year, Central Region US two years in a row (2011 and 2012), and has been awarded Cisco Customer Satisfaction Excellence six years in a row.



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LaSalle Solutions helps you manage the complete asset life-cycle
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LaSalle Solutions has been recognized as the Cisco Central Region Partner of the Year in 2010 and 2011
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