LFV part of group to reform European airspace

The European Commission has appointed the SESAR Deployment  Alliance to reform European aviation. This marks a big step in the modernisation of Europe's airspace. LFV is part of this group. "LFV will use its knowledge and experience to help increase the efficiency of Swedish and European aviation," says Niclas Gustavsson, head of business development and international relations at LFV.

For airlines and airline passengers, the task given to the SESAR Deployment Group is a concrete and welcome step on the way to a more efficient airspace. The overall goals are to double capacity, halve costs for air traffic control and reduce the environmental impact by ten per cent. For the airlines a more efficient airspace means straighter routes and lower fuel costs, while passengers will have to spend less time in flight.
"European air navigation control has over the past ten years developed new technology and new operative concepts as part of the EU's SESAR programme. Now this development will be implemented in practice. This means that systems for air navigation are upgraded and new operative concepts are introduced," says Niclas Gustavsson.

LFV is already at the forefront of increasing airspace efficiency. Since 2010, airline companies have been offered straight flight routes through Swedish airspace and since 2013 this has been expanded to the joint Swedish/Danish airspace where LFV handles air navigation control along with Danish Naviair.

For several years, LFV has collaborated with air navigation service providers in Denmark, Ireland, Austria and Croatia to coordinate technological development and purchases in order to reduce costs. This group is known as Coopans, and it is also within this group that LFV will operate as part of the SESAR Deployment Alliance.

In the coming years the European Commission is investing three billion Euro into modernising European airspace.
"The work of the SESAR Deployment Alliance will ensure that the European airspace is among the best in the world. It is very satisfying that LFV is able to use its extensive experience to contribute to this development," says Niclas Gustavsson.

For more information, contact the LFV press service at number +46 (0)11-19 20 50.

LFV – supplier of air-traffic control services in Sweden. Administers around 700,000 aircraft movements each year and has a turnover of SEK 3 billion. Supplies air-traffic control services to the United Arab Emirates since 2013.
ANSP – acronym for the Air Navigation Service Provider, a supplier of air-traffic control services.
SES – Single European Sky. EU's goal for Europe is to erase national borders in the air and create nine major airspaces for better efficiency.
SESAR – Single European Sky ATM Research (ATM=Air Traffic Management). The research arm of SES that develops new technology and new procedures.
SESAR Deployment Alliance. Industrial group consisting of four airline company groups, 25 airport owners and 11 air-control service providers.
COOPANS – cooperation between air navigation service providers.  Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Austria and Croatia have a close collaboration to reduce costs for developing new technology.