LifeAssays® AB and Dynamiker Biotechnology Lrtd. has signed an agreement to develop Dynamikers fungal tests for immunocompromised patients on LifeAssays® proprietary platform for Point of Care (PoC) Diagnostics.

The development of PoC assays for invasive fungal diseases is based on Dynamikers proufound knowledge of  similar tests for central service laboratory testing in the Chinese market and LifeAssays® unique PoC system. LifeAssays® will, using Dynamiker raw material and expertise in invasive fungal disease, transfer selected tests from Dynamikers product panel to target the 1.400 3A Hospitals (larger than 500 beds) and 20 000 medium size hospitals in China.

The Companies have set up a plan with milestones to evaluate the progress in the project and work is planned to start during the third quarter.


"Dynamiker is a compamy active with our own tests in the human diagnostic market in China. There is a great commercial opportunity in China today for companies that can deliver high performing tests also outside the major hospitlas and service laboratories. We know the China market for invasive fungal diseases and already sell such products in larger hospital micro biology labs so we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to offer those tests on the LifeAssays® platform", says Dr. Zeqi Zhou, Owner and President of Dynamiker


"With Dynamkier responsible for all sales activities for the finished products, this collaboration offers LifeAssays® an opportunity to further develop applications in human medicine. Our focus is veterinary diagnostics and the construction of the collaboration allows us to maintain this and work with Dynamikers tests at the same time", says Anders Ingvarsson, CEO of LifeAssays.


About LifeAssays®. NGM listed company LifeAssays® AB´s business idea is to develop, manufacture and sell diagnostic systems based on the company’s own and patented technology MagnetoImmunoAssay (MIA). The company delivers safe and robust systems for quick and reliable analysis in veterinary medicine. For more details, please see


For additional information please contalct the CEO of LifeAssays® AB, Mr. Anders Ingvarsson, +46 46 286 54 00 or email