LightLab Sweden launches UV Boost™

This nanostructured coating by LightLab improves UV output of existing UV lamps, as well as sleeves and UV transparent protective windows by up to 15% at 254nm wavelength. The coating technology has been developed for cost efficient large scale manufacturing and can be added to existing production lines.

As earlier communicated LightLab is since 2015 developing technology to improve the light output, and thereby the energy efficiency, for light sources by so called light extraction technology. The technology has during 2016 been evaluated by several providers of UV lamps and is now launched to the whole market under the brand name UV Boost™.

Further information on UV Boost™ is now available at LightLab’s website  

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LightLab Sweden AB (publ),, is a development company which develops a unique and environmentally friendly lighting technology, EEE Light® Technology. LightLab has over 4,500 shareholders. The company’s shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX First North. The company’s certified adviser is Erik Penser Bank.


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LightLab Sweden AB develops, markets and offers a unique technology that is sustainable and cost-effective. The focused applications are UV disinfection of water, air and surfaces. The core technology EEE Light®, consists of material and process technology for cost efficient manufacturing of nanostructures combined with innovative electronics solutions.