CACI wins £2.8million Derbyshire County Council I.T. contract

CACI wins £2.8million Derbyshire County Council I.T. contract to help them meet Central Government demands to improve outcomes and reduce costs in children’s services

Derbyshire County Council has awarded CACI a £2.76 million 5 year contract to provide a comprehensive Data and Case Management Solution (DCMS) to help its Children and Younger Adults (CAYA) Department meet Central Government targets to improve outcomes and to reduce spending. The authority, which employs 16,675 staff excluding schools serves a total population of 762,000 with varying levels of affluence and deprivation, located within both widespread small rural communities and densely populated areas to the north and east of the 2628 square kilometre county. 

Commenting on the contract, Paul Richards, Director of Children & Young Peoples Services at CACI, said, “We are delighted to be working with Derbyshire on this ground breaking project. They are the first authority to adopt such a comprehensive transformation of children and young people’s services, decommissioning multiple current systems and replacing them with one highly secure single solution. This new solution, sharing a single database with a common user interface, will support both departmental and multi-agency needs.  Derbyshire, who performed well in its latest Ofsted inspection, is taking an admirable ‘long term’ approach to improving service delivery and efficiency, rather than simply reacting to problems in particular sectors with a short term fix.”

CACI will be meeting the requirements of the DCMS using its new ChildView solution. The key feature of this system is that it has a single central database supporting over 40 modules, each with the same standard interface. These modules encompass Early Years, Children’s Social Care, Intervention and Prevention, Youth Offending, Family Information and Education services. A crucial element of Derbyshire’s ‘Children’s Transformation Programme (CTP)’ is for the new system to break down the artificial information barriers that exist between services and instead provide them with the full story of the lives of the children and young adults in Derbyshire and the environment in which they live.  It will feature one highly secure central database with multi-agency access enabling partner agencies including the Police, the NHS, schools and the VCI (Voluntary, Community and Independent) to share information. It will include case management, workflow, reporting and analytical tools that will help to effectively change business processes and will replace completely over 25 of the department’s existing databases, many of which currently operate in isolation.

Flexible working practices, including mobile working and hot-desking at selected locations within the Children’s Trust, will also be supported.  Interfaces will be created to link Derbyshire’s DCMS to the Council’s current systems including, but not limited to, financial, payroll and HR systems (SAP), its customer records management system (CRM), and the Adult Social Care system.

Concluding, Paul Richards, said, “The objectives outlined in Derbyshire’s Children and Young People’s Plan are to bring people together and promote community cohesion, by creating independent and resilient communities and service delivery points; improving safeguarding and protection of vulnerable children and young people and providing integrated and co-ordinated preventative and early intervention services for children and younger adults. CACI’s ChildView solution will play a critical role in helping the authority achieve this.”

About CACI:

CACI provides products and services to both the public and private sectors across a wide range of business areas including health, social care and education.  For the past 30 years it has been providing the tools, structure and knowledge to help its clients deliver value for money and high quality services. CACI provides bespoke information and data, and the systems and intelligence to interpret them.

CACI’s Children and Young People’s Services division:

CACI is a leading provider of IT solutions and services to the public sector, and an accredited Buying Solutions supplier for Software Applications and ICT Consultancy and Delivery Services.  For further information on CACI’s C&YP Division click on the link

About ChildView:

ChildView is a complete Children and Young People’s management information system incorporating specialist applications for Early Years, Education, Youth and Social Care services, all supported by a single database.  The single database approach allows a complete single view of a child and family, sharing both core demographic information and contextual data securely and appropriately across all services.





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