Martinsons launches prefabricated bridges

Martinsons is launching the first families in its entirely new series of priced, prefabricated bridges. By focusing on a range of ready-made products, the company is making it easier, faster and safer for end customers and industry consultants alike to meet their bridge needs.

"The new prefabricated bridge products were developed to provide quick delivery while also making it easier and more economical for the customer. Because bridge prices are listed, the customer has a clear picture of the cost of everything included in a delivery – from the bridge to shipping and installation – right from the beginning," says Johan Sundbom, sales engineer at Martinsons.

The first two bridge families consist of a narrow road bridge with transversely prestressed decks for lightly trafficked roads and a pedestrian and cycle bridge with a latticework design. A further two pedestrian and cycle bridges are on the drawing board for launch later. The difference between the later models is that one is a girder bridge while the other has transversely prestressed decks. 

"This is an excellent proposition, as we see a great need for this kind of product. There is a growing interest in erecting wooden bridges thanks to their high performance and the fact that wood usually blends in well with its surroundings," says Johan Sundbom, adding: "There are also important environmental benefits. Together, the material and the energy-efficient methods used in making wooden bridges reduce climate impact by more than half compared to other methods. What's more, since wood sequesters carbon dioxide, impact is reduced further still."

The prefabricated bridges differ in a number of respects from conventional bridge types. Everything from norm calculations and purchasing procedures to the production process, logistics solutions and documentation are all ready as soon as we receive an order. The new bridges are also designed to make things easier for bridge engineering consultants. By providing a prefabricated, professionally described product, Martinsons makes it easier for consultants to assess and propose the appropriate solution.

"This means considerable simplifications, cost savings and shorter delivery times. And because the foundations are made to suit the bridge and not vice versa, we save even more time and money," explains Johan Sundbom. 

List prices for narrow road bridges start at SEK 178,000 excluding VAT, and at SEK 373,000 for pedestrian and cycle bridges. Customers are able to choose between a number of different bridge lengths in each family as well as clearly priced options. The price lists also provide fixed prices for shipping and assembly.

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Martinsons is one of Sweden’s largest family-owned timber processing industries with strong roots in Västerbotten. The company processes timber from the forests of Sweden’s northern region into high quality timber products, innovative components and ready-made functional solutions that provide added value and contribute to the increased use of timber. The business safeguards the value of the forests through long-term responsible forest management and the efficient processing of its own sawmills at Bygdsiljum, Kroksjön and Hällnäs. Bygdsiljum today has one of the most modern sawing lines in Europe.

The company is characterised by a strong corporate spirit and a culture of innovation. Apart from extensive production of sawn timber goods, Martinsons is Sweden’s largest manufacturer of glulam, and the Nordic leader within products and solid timber construction systems for buildings and bridges. Customers come from throughout Sweden and many parts of Europe and Asia. Today, the Group employs around 450 people, has a turnover of 170 million € and is acknowledged, year after year, as one of Sweden’s most expansive sawmilling companies. Its head office is located in Bygdsiljum.

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The family-owned company Martinsons is Sweden's largest producer of glulam, wooden bridges and construction systems for apartment blocks and other buildings in wood. Thanks to the development of climate-neutral construction, the group is a driving force in the building of a sustainable and forward looking society. Martinsons' sawmills in Bygdsiljum, Kroksjön and Hällnäs produce sawn timber and processed products for customers in the Nordic countries, Europe, Africa and Asia. The head office is located in Bygdsiljum, Västerbotten and the group currently employs about 450 people and has an annual sales turnover of SEK 1.5 billion.