Matica’s new MDM architecture brings whole new meaning to ‘modular’

  • Matica uses its world-class expertise in central issuance to inspire best desktop solutions on market.
  • Highest and unequalled throughput thanks to parallelized processing
  • Includes all personalization technologies such as retransfer printing, encoding, laser engraving and lamination.

MUNICH, Germany, 18 April, 2017 – Matica Technologies announced today that it has launched a brand new architectural system, ‘Matica Desktop Modules’ (MDM), allowing selected desktop modules to synthesize organically in order to build small to large bespoke personalization solutions.

Offering such unprecedented levels of flexibility, MDM lets customers start with a basic configuration, (largely a retransfer printer), and easily build upon it as business needs change. Customers avoid excessive price tags because it simply involves adding suitable modules – not an entire system. The modules are easy to connect and integrate.

Each MDM-based module is controlled by the new Matica Desktop Suite (MDS) – a powerful middleware designed to support and integrate any combination of new modules with existing stand-alone products. numerous desktop system configurations can be defined by combining each MDM module to design a system that perfectly meets project requirements and also ensures scalability and performance.

Matica has used its world-class expertise in central issuance to inspire the technology behind MDM, feeding the growing global demand for desktop solutions. In harnessing this long-respected technology for the desktop, Matica has been able to deliver exciting new features such as the market’s highest throughput, optimum levels of autonomy, and vastly improved modularity and flexibility.

Higher throughput is achieved through parallel processing, meaning that encoding, printing, engraving and laminating can happen simultaneously once the respective modules are combined. It saves significant labor times and potentially, saves money. As a market first, MDM brings an impressive level of autonomy of up to 1,400 cards. This includes retransfer high-resolution printing, laser engraving and in-line lamination in the first release phase.

MDM is especially practical for service bureaus and government sector.

“We have engineered a technology that empowers customers to exert a much bigger choice over how they build their desktop personalization systems – and how they invest their budgets – which lets them scale up in line with business needs,” said Sandro Camilleri, CEO, Matica Technologies.

“The new MDM architecture is the most flexible for desktop card personalization solutions in the market, so I’m proud to say it is completely unique. Since we unveiled it at Trustech last year with our XID9600e, we have received a vindicating number of companies registering their interest so I believe the thinking and technology behind MDM is, quite honestly, the future for desktop issuance.”

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Matica Technologies Group is a fast-growing and innovative global company with an international network. Matica develops, manufactures, and distributes solutions to issue passports, financial cards, ID cards, Nano SIM and Micro SIM cards. The company offers a vast range of products from centralized systems and mailers to ID printers and laser desktop machines. The Group is represented worldwide with offices in Italy, Germany, France, Singapore, China, the US, the UAE and India.





Completing the new generation of Matica lasers for 2016, the LES8000 will enjoy a prime place in the market considering its unprecedented desktop power. It now means that we have the widest configuration of laser solutions on the market.
Sandro Camilleri, CEO, Matica Technologies Group