WECREATE NYC: First Neurochemically-Primed, Innovation Space Opens in Manhattan

New Workspace Uses Brain Technology to Build New Economy

April 27, 2011 (New York, NY) - WECREATE NYC (wecreatenyc.com) New York’s first neurochemically-primed, innovation workspace for entrepreneurs, small businesses and thinkers, launches on May 4th 2011 in Greenwich Village. From the American founders of London’s THECUBE, WECREATE NYC combines expertise in neurology and industrial engineering to bring brain technology to New York.

Co-founder Daniel Gutierrez says, “New York has the opportunity and the responsibility to create the model for a new economy, as the city attracts some of the brightest brains in the world. Our vision is to provide a space for this talent, which encourages innovation, industriousness and the sharing of ideas, to create solutions that effect change.”

The idea behind WECREATE NYC is brain technology - which involves learning how to use the brain to its full potential. Araceli Camargo-Kilpatrick explains: “Understanding how our brain forms ideas, solves problems, and innovates makes all the difference in having a successful business. The aim of WECREATE is to create an industry-diverse workspace for entrepreneurs interested in collaborating, serious about growing their business and testing their brain technology.”

Not just another hot house for tech start-ups, WECREATE already has a community of psychologists, photographers, NGOs, economists and architects involved in the innovation space.

Araceli continues, “We will be providing members with a new type of business strategy which combines tools extrapolated from neurology and industrial engineering.  And, we'll also be providing our members with a diverse community, as research from leading Dr. Keith Sawyer indicates that diversity is key to innovation. WECREATE is here to help make enterprise accessible and viable to all who are thinking about starting their business.”

This focus on brain technology also extends to the neurochemically primed design of the WECREATE space. How the light comes into the space, the colours in the space, the materials, and the layout are all for the purpose of creating the best environment for brains to innovate.

WECREATE NYC aims to build on the success of THECUBE in London’s East End, which was established in September 2009 and profitable in its first year. Furthermore, collaboration between the two innovation spaces will be encouraged, applying brain technology to generate ideas on both sides of the Atlantic.

About WECREATE NYC – New York

Founded by Daniel C. Gutierrez and Araceli Camargo, WECREATE NYC is a new innovation and collaborative workspace. The objective is to create a vibrant space for entrepreneurs interested in collaborating with a diverse group of people, serious about growing their business, and wanting to push innovation boundaries. 

This space will house people from diverse backgrounds and explore a wide range of knowledge neighborhoods to help instigate interesting collaborations.  Ideas are the fuel of great businesses, without them we wouldn’t have anything. WECREATE will be a space that hosts and facilitates the sparks of these strong ideas.

The objective of this innovation is to create a new economy.  WECREATE NYC will focus on getting entrepreneurs to generate sustainable businesses that will have longevity and feed the economy of the future.

For more information, please visit www.wecreatenyc.com.

About THECUBE - London

THECUBE workspace opened in September 2009 in London’s Spitalfields. Inspired by the collapse of Lehman Brothers to create a psychical space, that would nourish and house would-be-entrepreneurs, who are now creating sustainable businesses and generating economic value.

THECUBE has gone through two evolutions and heading towards another - having started as a space, moved to co-working, and now heading towards creating the workspace of a new era.

THECUBE has been mindful to create a bridge between mind space and physical space. The physical space is neurochemically and physiological primed to generate productivity, a welcoming feeling and collaboration between members.

For more information, please visit www.thecubelondon.com.


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