Medicover Holding S.A. (publ.) (former Oresa Ventures) acquires total control over its operating healthcare subsidiary

Medicover Holding S.A. (publ.) (former Oresa Ventures) acquires total control over its operating healthcare subsidiary. The Board of Directors of Medicover Holding S.A. ("Medicover") has decided: 1. To acquire the remaining minority shareholding, approx. 5%, in its operating healthcare subsidiary (the "Subsidiary") and, as consideration therefore, to issue new shares in Medicover at an exchange formula of 1 share in the Subsidiary = 0.872 shares in Medicover, which is the same as applied in connection with a similar exchange in 1999; 2. To redeem option program in the Subsidiary and replace it with newly issued shares in Medicover; and 3. To settle existing options in Medicover with respect to private equity team members who will be leaving Medicover due to the restructuring of Medicover from an investment company into an operating healthcare company. Through these transactions, Medicover acquires 100% ownership over its operating healthcare Subsidiary and issues in total 712,235 new shares, equivalent to approx. 6% of the share capital. For further information please contact: Fredrik Rågmark, Managing Director André Lindekrantz, Group Legal Counsel Tel. +352 26203110 Fax +352 26203234 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

About Us

Medicover is a leading international healthcare and diagnostic services provider in Poland, Germany, Romania, Ukraine and certain other markets, primarily in Central and Eastern Europe (“CEE”). Additionally, Medicover is in the process of entering the fast-growing Indian healthcare market in order to expand its geographical footprint and further leverage its emerging markets capabilities. Medicover offers a broad range of healthcare services and a significant hub-and-spoke diagnostic laboratory network, supported by extensively developed proprietary software and information systems infrastructure. Medicover operates through two divisions: Healthcare Services and Diagnostic Services.