The auto repair industry has a responsibility to increase transparency to car owners

Workshop services ranks as one of the most problematic markets for consumers. According to the Swedish Consumer Agency (Konsumentverket) many car owners feel that they have a knowledge disadvantage against the workshop.

The workshop industry ranks as one of three particularly tough consumer markets in the Consumer Agency Consumer Report 2016 * (Konsumentrapport 2016). The Agency will put extra focus on improving the consumer's position in the next three years. Mekonomen believes that a large part of the perceived knowledge base is a consequence of inconsistent and non-transparent information when it comes to conditions, warranties and complaints.

"It is positive that the Consumer Agency are highlighting the problems in our industry. The workshop´s dual message about concepts like original parts and conditions of the new car warranty creates uncertainty among car owners. A lot of the car owners pay for the expensive repair services of a brand-bound workshop despite existing equivalent and more affordable options on the market”, says Madeleine Westerling, Chain Manager of Mekonomen Bilverkstad.

Mekonomen's own consumer survey shows that a large majority of car owners are satisfied with the treatment and quality and that they trust their workshop. A trend is that car owners claim that they have a better understanding of the car. Something that can lead to higher demands from the consumers and therefore increase the quality of the industry further.

"Our survey shows that nearly 90% of car owners are satisfied with the customer service in the workshops and 79% answered yes when asked if they trust their workshop. 35% of car owners feel they have good or very knowledge about cars. Which is a marked increase compared to 2013 when the corresponding figure was 25%. Better knowledge of a product makes it easier for the consumer to make demands and evaluate the work made by the workshop”, says Madeleine Westerling.

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About Mekonomen Customer Servey: More than 1,000 persons with a driving license and access to a car in the household answered questions about their CarLife. The selection of respondents represents all parts of Sweden with equal distribution of sex and age. The survey is made in cooperation with TNS Sifo and is part of Mekonomen's stakeholder dialogue with car owners.

*About Consumer Report 2016 (Konsumentrapport 2016): The Consumer Agency publishes an annual consumer report to identify the problems consumers encounter, what they depend on, and what could be done to improve the situation. This year's report highlights three areas: cars, telecommunications and the target group young adults.

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