Mobislyder: the curtain lifts on a new era of movie making

Issued: Tuesday 13 December 2011

Forget Hollywood. Renfrewshire could be about to become the centre of a new film making revolution.

A new camera device, mobislyder, is set to transform amateur film making, allowing film enthusiasts, journalists and businesses to create cinema quality films using a smartphone or digital camera.

The first portable consumer camera slider of its kind, mobislyder was created by Paisley based Glidetrack and designed by product design company Meso Design from Inchinnan.

The compact, portable device allows amateur film makers to produce steady, sweeping shots, using their smartphone or digital camera to recreate the cinematic feel of big budget movies.

“It means an end to shaky home movies,” says designer Danny Kane, director of Meso. “Now, every holiday or wedding video will look like it’s had the Spielberg treatment. The mobislyder brings a smoother touch to the filming process, allowing amateur film makers to create more professional results on screen.”

The device is also expected to have applications for online news providers, broadcasters and bloggers, as well as business users such as estate agents, retailers, hotel and accommodation providers, tourist attractions, airports, and sports and activity centres.

“Social media allows for high quality footage to be broadcast on air or online in a matter of minutes. That has important implications for the media sector and for businesses trying to market themselves to a global online audience,” added Danny Kane.

Created in 2009, Glidetrack offers camera dolly systems for professional film and video makers, and exports its devices across the globe. The mobislyder is its first product aimed at the consumer market and was custom designed by award winning product design company Meso Design.

Mobislyder is compatible with all hand held camera devices, including the iPhone, Android smart phones, compact cameras and small camcorders.

Gregor Aikman, fellow Meso Design director, added: “We were delighted when Glidetrack, a Scottish company with a remarkable track record of success across the globe, approached us to work with them on mobislyder.

“Glidetrack have a strong reputation in the film industry for producing robust, well designed and easy to use camera dollies that generate amazing results on screen. They came to us with the idea of developing a small portable device that could produce similar results for amateur film makers, but at a fraction of the cost of professional industry models. The result is mobislyder, the first portable consumer camera slider of its kind, entirely designed and built in Scotland.

“It’s a fantastic advertisement for Scottish innovation, design and manufacturing, and we’re delighted to be associated with it. It shows that Scottish ingenuity is still very much alive and thriving. Despite the gloomy economic outlook, Scotland is still building and exporting quality products that are in demand across the globe. We wish Glidetrack every success with mobislyder.”

Alastair Brown, director of Glidetrack, said: “Meso have allowed me to convert ideas to products in a very short space of time, and taken Glidetrack in a positive and exciting new direction. I am really pleased with our working relationship. By working in close partnership, and bouncing ideas off each other, we are taking our products to an even higher level. That's good for the customer as it allows us to design eye catching products that are highly attuned to the customers’ needs.”

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