Ecological Luukku House awarded with Finnish Wood Award 2010

Zero energy Luukku House, built by students of Aalto University, has been       
awarded with Finnish Wood Award 2010. The house includes Finnforest Kerto and   
ThermoWood products.                                                            
The criteria for this year's award highlighted energy, climate and environmental
issues. The Luukku House's environmental effects have been viewed through its   
entire lifecycle starting from the manufacture of the building products. The    
house leads the way in energy-efficient construction of the future, its building
materials are over 75 per cent renewable.                                       

The house proves that zero-level buildings with small carbon footprints can be  
built as high up in the north as in Finland. The house uses solar energy and    
functions of the house can be monitored by sensors. Luukku contains a host of   
innovative solutions that can be found in the frame construction, in the        
insulation, as part of indoor air and humidity control in the internal cladding,
in the wood to glass joints and in the building services technology as a whole. 

The frame of the 42-square-metre building consists of 39-millemetre thick       
Finnforest Kerto panels for the walls and 51-millimetre thick panels for the    
floor and roof. The terrace, stairs and fence were built using Finnforest       
ThermoWood products.                                                            

The design and construction of the Luukku House were the responsibility of the  
Aalto University Luukku Team. The team leader was Professor Pekka Heikkinen.    

The Wood Award is presented yearly by Puuinfo ry (Finnish Timber Council), as an
incentive, to buildings, interiors or structures which represent high-quality,  
Finnish wood architecture, or where wood is used in a manner which promotes     
construction technology. The 13th award given out this year is part of the “Puu 
on Ekoin” (Wood is the most ecological option) campaign.                        

The members of the Wood Award 2010 jury were Paula Huotelin (Secretary General  
of Finnish Association of Architects SAFA ), Jukka Noponen (Director of the     
SITRA Energy Programme), Jouni Koiso-Kanttila (Professor of Architecture at the 
University of Oulu) and Mikko Viljakainen (Managing Director of Puuinfo).       

The natural and sympathetic architecture of the Luukku House was awarded first  
prize in Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 competition held last summer in Madrid,    

Luukku project website:                                       

Further information: Johanna Kankkunen, marketing communications, tel. +358     
50 350 4005,                                   

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