globellColorSuite now offers distance measurement and EIZO hardware calibration

globellColor is breaking new ground with monitor calibration and has been impressing customers and experts alike since its market launch. Now, the company is unveiling an extra feature: distance measurement. With this new development, globellColor can provide professional possibilities for home and office users that until now were only available at a significantly higher price. The globellColorMeter is also now one of very few products to offer users hardware calibration across a wide range of professional EIZO monitors.

Koblenz (January 2018) - globellColor, a leading manufacturer of monitor calibration solutions, is expanding its globellColorMeter’s range of functions, and can now offer distance measurement with monitor calibration for the home or office user. The company launched an Indiegogo campaign today for the latest version of its software, which also supports hardware calibration for a wide range of professional EIZO monitors. This makes globellColor one of only a very few providers that can calibrate and profile EIZO monitors within their hardware.

The improved globellColorMeter is available to early backers for as low as $149 USD.

Ambient light plays an important part in image editing. It is only when this is taken into account by the meter during measurement that the software can carry out the corresponding adjustments. Through an innovative upgrade to the base of the globellColorMeter, it now not only ensures the monitor is safeguarded while in use, but can also measure ambient light during calibration by moving the sensor away from the screen. Now, for the first time, you have an affordable choice of using either the classic sensor-to-screen calibration or moving the sensor away from the screen to incorporate distance measurement. Previously, the only way to accomplish this was to pay a much higher price for a laboratory-grade meter.

Calibrating a display using distance measurement, the user achieves even more natural results. During measurement, the sensor records the light emitted by the display and also takes into account ambient light that can reflect off the display and combines these values for correction calibration. For the user, color perception is therefore enhanced to the best possible level, as the same conditions can now apply for both the human eye and the sensor. With this in mind, monitors can be calibrated to L-Star standard, so they are adjusted to match human perception.

Thanks to the close cooperation of EIZO Europe GmbH, the globellColorMeter now supports hardware calibration for EIZO monitors. With hardware calibration, the color profile is stored directly in the monitor’s graphics unit (LUT). In this way, the optimum calibration quality can be ensured. Color representation is more exact than with classic software calibration, and also color gamut loss is significantly reduced. After the color profile has been created, this can be stored in color management programs, as with software calibration. Meaning an accurate color display of images is guaranteed. 

“We are proud of our close collaboration with EIZO to integrate their brand into our field of color management. For us, this is a step closer to recognition for our work so far surrounding the globellColor brand,” Dr. Stefan Immes, CEO of net SE, said. “But our journey is still far from over. There will be even more innovations and improvements to come for our customers.”

The globellColorMeter has been available from specialist camera shops, from Amazon and from globellColor’s website, since late 2017. It has an RRP of €249 including VAT. globellColorSuite owners will also be excited to hear the following news - every globellColorMeter already sold incorporates distance measurement. Customers will have the opportunity to buy the base upgrade separately from the company website. Hardware calibration for EIZO monitors has already been included in a software update and can be enabled by installing the latest software version.

Compatible EIZO ColorEdge displays:
CG210, CG211, CG220, CG221, CE210W, CE240W, CG241W, CG301W, CG222W, CG232W, CG242W, CG243W, CG223W, CG245W, CG303W, CG275W, CG246, CG276, CG277, CG247, CG247X, CG248, CG318, CG2420, CG2730

The list of compatible displays will be extended shortly.

You can visit the Indiegogo campaign here:

You can find an up-to-date overview of compatible displays here:

You can find further information about distance measurement here:

Additional information about the EIZO hardware calibration is available here: 


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