Meyer Optik Announces Exclusive Club for Trioplan Trilogy Photographers

Backers of New Indiegogo Campaign Get Members-Only Perks, Including International Photo Exhibits

(Goerlitz, Germany) Meyer Optik announced its Trioplan Gold Art Club today, an exclusive and limited program that provides members exclusive perks, including having their work exhibited internationally, getting insiders-only information on upcoming projects and receiving discounts on lens purchases.

Membership in the Gold Art Club is exclusive to photographers who purchase the Trioplan Trilogy of lenses (the 100, 50 and 35mm lenses) through a crowd-funding campaign that launched today on Indiegogo.

Indiegogo backers have a chance to buy the Trioplan Trilogy for $2,699 -- a savings of more than 40 percent over the retail price.

In creating the Gold Art Club, Meyer Optik hopes to create a forum to both support its most loyal supporters and receive feedback from them on the future of the company.

“Meyer Optik creates lenses that are different from the ordinary. With our club, we go a different way and put our customers into the driver seat. Their art work, expertise and input will substantially guide our future,” said Meyer Optik CEO Dr. Stefan Immes.

Backers who purchase the Trioplan Trilogy on Indiegogo will receive an exclusive two-year membership in the Trioplan Gold Art Club. People who have already purchased all three lenses, either through past Kickststarters or from the Meyer Optik website will also receive a free membership in the club.

Each member will have one of their photographs shown at an exhibit during the Photokina conference this September in Cologne, Germany. The exhibit will also travel to Goerlitz, Germany in October and to Hollywood, California in 2019.

Other Gold Art Club perks for members include:

  • A complimentary one-night stay in Goerlitz and in Hollywood to coincide with the exhibits;
  • A free dinner organized around the exhibits with the CEO of Meyer Optik to discuss the latest trends and ideas;
  • Recognition of 10 photos in the exhibits as jurors’ choice;
  • At least one picture published in the Meyer Optik Yearbook;
  • 10% discount on every lens purchased on;
  • Their name (up to 16 letters) engraved on each Meyer Optik lens purchased as a member of the Gold Art Club.

To visit the Indiegogo campaign and learn more about the Trioplan Gold Art Club, click here.

In Europe: Dr.Stefan Immes at

In North America: Joe Newman at and 1 202-445-1391

A brand with a proud tradition and reputation for exceptional products, Meyer-Optik-Görlitz started manufacturing innovative, high-quality lenses in Germany in 1896.  In 2014, net SE revived the traditional spirit of the lenses once known throughout the world and started developing new lenses under the Meyer-Optik-Görlitz brand in Germany. Manufacturing handmade lenses started in 2015 with first generation prototypes.  Serial production began in early 2016.

In May 2015, net SE created a new subsidiary, Meyer-Optik USA Inc. headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Meyer-Optik USA is online at and on Facebook and Twitter