Mobilegs Named ‘Best of What’s New’ for Health in 2010 By Popular Science Magazine

Mobility Company Continues Nationwide Launch of Mobilegs Ultra; Expands Healthcare and Retail Distribution. (Available Dec. 6th at

ATLANTA, GA.  Today at MedTrade (Booth #1307) in Atlanta, Mobi, a recognized innovator of mobility products based in Minneapolis, announced its innovative crutch, Mobilegs,  inclusion in Popular Science Magazine’s ( Best of What’s New for Health in 2010.

“This is proof-positive that our breakthrough in redesigning the outmoded crutch is resonating outside of the design community as we see growing interest in the healthcare and consumer marketplaces. ” said John White, president of Mobi. “Mobi seeks to offer patients and life-users more comfortable, better-designed and customizable mobility products.” Mobi’s brand conveys the cool, modern design of Mobilegs and it’s future continuum of products.

Mobilegs Ultra was developed out of the ingenuity of Jeff Weber of Studio Weber + Associates.  Jeff and SWA designed some of the most successful and iconic consumer products in the world.   Weber seeks to “humanize the relationship between people, products and the world around us.” Further, he states, “the traditional crutch was not designed to accommodate the mechanics of the human body’”. Many crutch users experience secondary injuries to underarms and wrists via traditional crutches. Mobilegs Ultra high-tech underarm saddle and ergonomically designed hand-grip may reduce the incidence of those injuries. 

Mobilegs has attracted global attention due to the design and customization of Mobilegs with Mobiskins. The custom decals offer patients and life-users alike the ability to express their own individuality through 11 different designs like Tire Tread, Birch and Flames.  Hospitals, clinics and health systems also have an opportunity to co-brand Mobilegs to attract and retain patients.  An e-signing application on Facebook allows friends and family to sign your Mobiskin, which will ship in 24 hours. 

Mobi LLC. Minneapolis, MN born out of Studio Weber + Associates, seeks to transform our perception and function of mobility devices. Mobilegs, the first item in a quickly growing continuum of products seeks to redefine the common crutch, walker, cane and many other products to come. Add to that consumer branding, customizable skins and a social networking component—you have a wonderfully designed interactive brand. “Design is the connective tissue between people and the world we inhabit, and the quality of that design dictates the quality of the human experience and thus our existence.” Jeff Weber


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