Incorrect market data from HUI in MQ’s Year-end Report

In its year-end report for the financial year 2015/2016, MQ referred to information on the Swedish retail market’s performance for clothes issued by the Swedish Retail Institute, HUI Research.

MQ has now been informed by HUI that the market data provided to MQ by HUI was incorrect.

Corrected and correctly accumulated figures (earlier incorrectly stated figures in brackets) for the periods in question, according to HUI, should be:

Quarter, June - August 2016                                          +0.9% (-1.6%) 

Full-year, September 2015 - August 2016                     +2.6% (+1.9%)

HUI has expressed its regret to MQ for providing incorrect market data for the year-end report.

No changes have been made in terms of MQ’s reported results, neither for the fourth quarter nor for the full year, since MQ’s own figures in the financial report are correct. 

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