Naperville, IL – October 12, 2010 – What once started as an innovative online service in 1999 to allow customers to see their alarm activity data real-time anytime, eServices is now the dominant leader in the industry and forerunner for customer accessible data.  Over the years, eServices has gone from a single, online service providing real-time alarm data to a full portfolio of online management tools including eDataManager, eAccountManager, eAudioManager, eAccessManager and eVideoManager.   The Stanley CSS suite of eServices now offers free services as well as premium value-added services, leading the alarm industry in data and information for customers to manage their businesses more securely and effectively.  A decade and tens of thousands of eServices customers later, Stanley CSS continues to provide customers with the important security information they need, when they need it with added new feature enhancements to the premier online security business suite. Long-time users of eServices and new users alike will see remarkable benefits to their business from the enhancements, all to be unveiled at ASIS 2010.

“The world around us is driving customer expectations for mobility and access to real-time data from anywhere at anytime, as virtually everyone has Smart phones and laptops,” states Tony Byerly, President of Stanley Convergent Security Solutions North America and United Kingdom Direct.  “Whether they are using a Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, or laptop, customers demand information be accessible when they need it – whether on the road, sitting in their office or around the world access to their security system is critical. As we enter our 11th year of offering online security tools and content, Stanley CSS remains committed to leading the industry by creating new and innovative ways to enhance the customer experience. It is no longer good enough to be a premier service provider, you have to bring innovation to the entire customer experience – service excellence combined with innovative customer interactions will be the winning equation in the electronic security industry.”

Stanley CSS is unveiling the following eServices enhancements and features at ASIS 2010 in Dallas to continue its quest to be the industry gold standard:

New eExecutive Dashboard - Customized eServices for at-a-glance security insight

The new eExecutive Dashboard eServices’ enhancement elevates customers’ security and account data into a new arena of visibility and accessibility for even the most scrutinizing of security leaders.  eExecutive Dashboard brings key account summary reports and data -- all on a single dashboard page. This allows critical security information to be obtained exactly when wanted and needed, saving time and leading to better, faster and more informed business decisions. With this new eManagement tool, Stanley’s customers can view their favorite eServices’ reports; map pending installations, service calls, high activity locations; see urgent matters needing their attention; and much more.  Important historical data can be viewed with user-friendly graphs and charts all from one, easy to use dashboard page. 

At a glance, customers will be able to check in on their favorite reports, saved exactly how they choose to view them from an already growing list of powerful Stanley eServices’ reports.  Whether utilizing the user-friendly drill-down mapping tool or the cutting edge graphical charts to analyze their data, security leaders and business owners will find this impactful tool to be one of their favorites in their security business arsenal. 

“With financial, alarm system, service call and project management information available in easily navigable maps and charts through a simple point and click application, it is clear that Stanley CSS has the customers’ business process needs front and center in this innovative expansion of eServices,” stated Felix Gonzales, Vice President Strategic Initiatives and Business Development for Stanley CSS.

eServices Mobile Apps - eServices in the palm of your hand

Meeting the demands of our mobile culture, Stanley CSS customers can now find their day-to-day information readily available on their favorite business tool with eServices Mobile Apps.  Whether customers are on their iPhone or Blackberry, their security information is now accessible from their mobile device so they can make informed decisions on the go. Customers can use their mobile device to view important account information such as ‘Alarm Activity’, ‘Verified Alarm Video Clips’,  ‘Live Video’,  ‘Installation Project Status’, ‘Service Ticket Status’, ‘Alarm Summary Detail’ and much, much more.

Security and loss prevention professionals, as well as other business leaders, will find this mobile tool essential when traveling or just getting a quick update between meetings or when they are away from the office.  With the ability to pull up summary alarm, work order and service information with accompanying video clips, users will be able to quickly assess the situation and respond accordingly.  Forwarding the combination of key reports and video content to stake holders while on the move is an essential reality of today’s security landscape. 

“No longer will firing up the laptop or finding a workstation to login to be required to effectively connect the critical players in a security situation.  eServices Mobile Apps are just one more example of how Stanley CSS puts the power of technology to work for its security partners,” comments Lance Holloway, Director Technology Strategy at Stanley CSS.

Wireless eVideo Alarm Verification - Anytime, Anywhere Verified Video Security

Wireless eVideo Alarm Verification, utilizing revolutionary Videofied® technology, provides a completely wireless system that delivers alarm verification, high apprehensions and priority response. Securing remote construction sites, protecting vacant buildings, guarding fenced lots, and monitoring rooftop HVAC systems—Wireless eVideo Alarm Verification and Videofied technology makes formerly impossible projects a reality.  The all-in-one video intrusion system is battery operated for installations anywhere, indoor or out, with a battery life of up to four years.  24/7 viewing of alarm and video activity is also available with eVideoManager.

Stanley CSS has already met with enthusiastic customer responses with this unique technology solution.  Now, with the ability to reach those remote out of the way sites or hard to near impossible to secure applications, it is possible to provide law enforcement response teams with exactly the information they need through verified video alarm clips.  With verified alarm response services, safety and security professionals now know what is happening on site and can immediately take action. 

“Our eVideo Alarm Verification using Videofied technology is meeting the needs of customers across the globe, as theft of copper and other high-risk items are increasing at remote sites and law enforcement agencies are demanding verified alarms,” explains Byerly. “This innovative security solution results not only in drastically reduced false alarm activity, but more effective communication with first responders.  As always, Stanley CSS remains committed to bettering the industry’s position and reputation with responding agencies through our suite of verified alarm offerings.”

eVideo Direct - IP Video Monitoring Services Direct Without a DVR

With eVideo Direct, DVRs are no longer required to receive eVideoManager services! Truly a next generation security solution, using industry renowned Axis Communications network cameras, eVideo IP cameras connect directly to the Stanley CSS ProtectionNet™ Customer Service Centers for: eVideo Alarm Verification, eVideo Open/Close Services, eVideo Guard Tour, eVideo Escort, eVideo Audit and eVideo Live.

Taking full advantage of cloud technology and internet connectivity, Stanley CSS is pleased to offer direct IP camera video services.  This next gen hosted solution architecture allows Stanley customers to put just the right amount of video equipment exactly where they want it without exceeding their security budget for just that single critical area.  With the eVideo Direct camera solution, customers will be able to connect any Axis IP camera – fixed, fixed dome, Pan/Tilt/Zoom or thermal network cameras -  directly back to Stanley’s PNC monitoring center for verified video alarm dispatch and response.

Great live view resolutions and flexible alarm recording options immediately empower security and loss prevention professionals, and business leaders, with more video for their dollar.  As always, customers with scalar needs can mix and match proven DVR solutions where local video storage is essential and IP video for hot points where they need only security visibility and video alarm clips.  Once again, Stanley CSS has proven that the right technology in the right application spells a winning solution for its customers.

“Smaller businesses and consumers today are using hosted and cloud services for  nearly every aspect of their lives – from email, to online banking, to HR and accounting services,” said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, Axis Communications Inc. “By employing hosted video surveillance services like Stanley’s eVideo Direct, customers can leverage those same conveniences offered by the cloud – such as lower infrastructure costs and ease-of-use – while enjoying the benefits of network video, including better image quality, camera intelligence and anytime, anywhere access.”

The Future of eServices

A decade ago, the prediction was that eServices would be a service customers would not be able to conduct business without, and that has certainly proven true as online, web-based services have flourished over the past decade.  Stanley CSS takes requests from customers and uses that feedback to create new tools, such as these new eServices’ enhancements unveiled at ASIS 2010, to continually advance the Stanley suite of security solutions.

“Stanley CSS wants to help customers effectively and efficiently use eServices and listening to the voice of the customer in the on-going development of the software is critical to the success and longevity of the service,” explains Gonzales.

“Our customers are so excited to see what we have to offer that their imaginations take over and they begin to list feature requests, all of which we document and consider for inclusion in future enhancements or offerings,” continues Holloway.  “By working directly with our customers from the beginning to understand their needs, we continue to develop services, like these new enhancements.”

 “We are excited about our new eServices offerings and enhancements that we are launching this year at ASIS International.  These new enhancements, whether making customers’ security data more accessible and actionable, or partnering with innovative product vendors to provide cost-effective solutions for new applications, will truly bring eServices and the customer experience to the next level,” exclaims Byerly.

 “We look forward to the next decade where we plan to continue to provide new capabilities within our eServices always focused first on the customer’s experience,” explains Byerly. “Innovation focused on the customer’s interaction with our portfolio of products and services across the five customer touchpoints, combined with operational excellence, is the key to the next decade of growth in the security industry.”

To learn more about current and future eServices offerings, please visit the company’s website at or by contacting 877-476-4968.

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Editor’s Note: A part of Stanley Black & Decker (NYSE: SWK), Stanley Convergent Security Solutions is the second largest electronic security company based on total revenue and one of the largest system integrators in the United States and Canada. Stanley CSS has over 75 offices serving over 120 of the largest metropolitan markets in North America.  Stanley CSS designs, installs, monitors and services security systems for industrial, government, commercial, residential and national account customers.  Stanley CSS represents a network of resources, state-of-the-art technology and a culture dedicated to excellence; where its employees have the training, the equipment and the processes they need to deliver the finest security solutions in the industry. Stanley CSS provides the best of both worlds, a local company with global resources and one of the most trusted names in security serving over 300,000 customers in North America.


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