Secure Online Storage Company My Vault® Launches Re-Designed Website with Demo

Chicago, IL, March 21, 2013- My Vault®, , is designed for the secure storage of files for future retrieval. My Vault® completed a redesign of the website and also added a demo section which will help users gain understanding of the product before subscribing. The website serves as an online storage box for electronic information, allowing users of the site a secure private online information storage vault for digital asset management.

The demo section lets users log in, add files, create folders, tag files and take other actions as they would if they had an account with My Vault®.

The re-design includes new web pages that provide the visitor with in-depth and relevant information about how My Vault® is used and what features are available to them as a customer, such as uploading, deleting, moving files and other functionalities.

The site offers online storage of valuable documents for families and small businesses. For example: Family’s will find it ideal for storing general personal contracts, divorce documents, home sale and real estate documents, as well as last will and testaments, trust and wills, power of attorney documents, to name a few. Small businesses will find it ideal for just about any legal business documents such as business licenses, designs & patents registrations, employment agreements, franchise agreements, general partnership agreements, incorporation documents, and permits and licenses as examples.

My Vault® has always prioritized the security of the data that their customers trust them with. That still remains the main focus of the service, even as they add new features and improve their design.

My Vault ® is the online digital safety deposit box for secure storage of select private data and digital asset management. Information stored doesn't get shared, distributed, viewed, copied, or monitored by any third party within the bounds of the law.

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Agnit Brahma


About Us

ABOUT US My Vault ® is the online digital safety deposit box for secure storage of select important private business and personal documents and the digital asset management thereof. The My Vault® website,, is designed for the safe storage of these important personal and business documents and data, offering users of the site a protected online storage vault. Stored Information doesn't get shared, distributed, viewed, copied, or monitored by any third party within the bounds of the law. My Vault® is unique in that their focus is on storing select digital assets and does not focus on the mass storage and synching of digital junk. My Vault® satisfies the need of individuals and businesses that only want to store select documents, manage those documents, and selectively provide access to those documents: Individuals can easily store items such as a last will and testament, insurance documents, child adoption documents, a living will, a power of attorney, prenuptial agreements, divorce documents while businesses find it ideal for their business incorporation documents, patents, trademarks, reports, agreements, employee documents and more. The company is not a “per-computer” back-up and mass-storage file-duplication service. Users who store private select files and information in a secure environment have the ability to organize, sort, label and tag files stored. Users also have folder-and-file-level-deep deadbolt security and can securely send select files and folders for pick-up to individuals of their choosing with link-share functionality where a user can set link passwords and link-share expiration dates. It’s a digital asset management solution for anyone who ever needed an online vault with restricted access to place select digital assets. The website is operated by My Vault Services LLC. My Vault® was founded in 1997 as a global platform for the presentation and trade of a variety of security products, storage solutions, online vault storage, digital asset management and related internet services on the internet. My Vault owns various trademarks of online services for the transmission, storage and exchange of secure information of all kinds, received from customers who seek to secure such information on the internet in private databases for subsequent retrieval and every day personal and business use. Mission and Values: My Vault® is concerned about the prolific distribution of information across the internet. People are too quick to post to networks and websites or sync multiple computers thus exposing personal private information to re-use by unauthorized and sometimes unscrupulous individuals and groups. The company seeks to provide a service where quality, privacy and security prevail to secure your information from wondering eyes.