A growing demand for Nagarro’s security expertise

Measurable risks are the foundation for the right level of security

Many organizations are now undergoing a digital transformation where managing security issues correctly is crucial for success. The foundation is built with an analysis of risks that enables you to measure them quantitatively.

Digitization, or rather a digital transformation, is fully underway in both the public and private sectors. Established business models and operational models are being fundamentally changed, and risk allocation is changing in a similar way.

“The management of security will be crucial to a successful transformation. Security will become an enabler in succeeding with this transformation,” Ryan Mattinson says.

Mattinson is Security Practice Lead at IT company, Nagarro Software. His starting point is that good security work should always be based on a well-developed risk analysis.

"A well-implemented risk analysis should provide a platform from which to make the right investments in security, what these investments should look like and what should be the scale of these investments."

He also sees how security issues often fall between two stools. It is not obvious who is responsible for security; the attitude can be "that's someone else's job." The success of an established model depends on the success of a development project that is measured by being on schedule and being within budget.

"Although security work ought to be a business function and lead to measurable results, it is often seen purely as a cost. We are trying to turn a good security day where nothing bad happened in a day and where we can see a greater likelihood that the client can achieve some serious business goals."

Nagarro offers a broad range of operational and technology security services that complement strategic consulting services. A specific assignment can be to analyze the vulnerability of a new app, on behalf of a client, which the client might have developed for his other clients. Even though the app is yet to be launched very soon and time is pressing, the team from Nagarro accepts the assignment and work together with the client's development teams. For example, several vulnerabilities can be actioned before the app launches via penetration tests and a thorough analysis of the program code.

"Although security issues are often still viewed as purely a technology problem, I can now see they are advancing upwards in organizations. That is a positive development. It means we have opportunities both to understand risks and to propose solutions while doing so. Our aim is to give the right tools to security managers that enable them to communicate security at a management level."

The correct approach to today's threat scenarios must be that an incident is bound to happen. A correct risk analysis can give organizations knowledge as to whether or not there are simple gains to be made with the aid of security that, at the same time, can also help them get their budget right when it comes to investments in security and responses.

"I'm happy to claim that we offer security services to both company boards and server rooms. Here, the Scandinavian market with its characteristics is particularly interesting. Both the private and public sectors are renowned for being early adopters of new technology."

"There is a great deal of optimism when it comes to using new technology and what you can achieve with this, but there is perhaps a bit less awareness of the new risks associated with it. Our role is to help security managers communicate the value of security in terms of what it can mean for the enterprise."

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