Get SMART and get Connected - HDanywhere launches Multiroom+ - make full use of HDTV and internet services throughout the home

Malvern, Worcestershire – many homes have multiple HD-compatible TVs that aren’t being used to their full potential.  To make the most of the many HD sources now available (satellite or cable HDTV, Blu-ray, PS3 etc.), along with SMART TV internet streaming services (Netflix, Love Film, BBC iPlayer etc.), HDanywhere has launched its Multiroom+ system, which gives users access to more HD content than ever before.

Multiroom+ explained
Consisting of a central ‘Hub’ and four ‘Receiver’ boxes, HDanywhere Multiroom+ lets users select, watch and control up to four HDMI sources in four locations around the home (all in uncompressed high-definition audio and video).  Installation is simple, with just a single Ethernet (Cat 5) cable required for each TV location, supplying the HDTV images, audio, internet (when connected to a broadband router) and control.  Now everyone can enjoy their choice of entertainment in different rooms at the same time.

Supplied as a complete kit for either DIY or electrician installation, HDanywhere’s 4 x 4 (four sources, four TV locations) Multiroom+ system is available in the UK now with an SRP of £1499.00.

The best quality picture and sound
Using the very latest technology (HDBaseT – see below for more details), HDanywhere Multiroom+ enables users to get the best possible performance from all their HDTVs with uncompressed full HD 1080p video and audio in pixel-perfect original quality.  Also compatible with 3D sources (Sky HD, Blu-ray etc.), the system is capable of super-high- definition video, such as full HD future-ready 4K resolutions.

All your devices and subscriptions on every TV
HDanywhere Multiroom+ maximises the value and unlocks the true potential of all home entertainment devices and subscriptions. Users are able to enjoy every set-top box, channel, Blu-ray, video or music downloads on up to four HDTV in their home without sacrificing remote control functionality.

Control like you’re still in front of the box
IR (Infra Red) ‘Magic Eyes’ at each TV location allow consumers to use any original or universal remote to control the out-of-the-way sources.  Dubbed ‘Follow Me’ TV, users can pause in one room and resume playing in another.

De-cluttered viewing areas and living spaces
Users can remove all cables, boxes and TV furniture from their viewing areas and hide them away. The HDanywhere Multiroom+ Receiver box is all that is needed at every TV location. Small and palm-sized, it’s easily hidden behind the TV with only the IR Magic Eye needing to be visible.

Get online with faster-than-Wi-Fi Internet
By connecting a broadband router to the HDanywhere Multiroom+ central Hub, users can activate a faster-than-Wi-Fi Ethernet LAN via the system. Two network ports are available at every Receiver providing a stable and secure wired Internet connection.  This is particularly significant by alleviating buffering issues for those streaming from the latest web-based content suppliers such as Netflix, Love Film and BBC iPlayer, or whilst running SMART TV apps, online gaming and for smoother surfing. This wired solution offers a more stable Internet connection while freeing up the home’s Wi-Fi for Smartphones and tablets.

Easy to install: just one cable for everything
HDanywhere Multiroom+ is simple to install, requiring a single network cable, carrying HD video and audio, Internet and control between the central Hub and Receivers thanks to the latest HDBaseT transmission technology.

What is HDBaseT?

  • Uncompressed high-definition (HD) and 3D video plus future-ready 4K resolutions
  • Lossless digital audio formats 7.1 and beyond
  • High-speed Ethernet 100BaseT scaling up to Gigabit
  • 100w power over HDBaseT (PoH) up to 70m
  • Various backward + forward control signals (IR, USB, RS232)

Easy Installation – just plug and play
The system comes complete with everything packaged in the box to get it working (cable is extra) and can be fitted by either a competent DIY’er, custom installer, electrician or TV aerial engineer.  Cable lengths of up to 100 metres can be installed without any loss in quality.

What’s in the box?

1 x HDanywhere central matrix
4 x Receiver units
4 x ‘Magic Eye’ receivers
4 x ‘Magic Eye’ blasters
4 x Receiver power adaptors

HDanywhere Multiroom+ is available now - 4 x 4 (four source, 4 screens) – UK SRP - £1499.00

For further information, go to

HD Connectivity can be contacted at: HD Connectivity Ltd Unit 23 Link Business Centre Link Way Malvern Link WR14 1UQ Tel: 0844 351 0190 E: W:

HDanywhere is a brand name of HD Connectivity Ltd

Notes for Editors HD Connectivity Ltd is a UK company based in Malvern, Worcestershire that develops, sells and supports High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connectivity technologies and products for both the home and commercial environments.  Launched in 2012, HD Connectivity Ltd is also the owner of the HDanywhere brand of HDBaseT Matrix products and HDMI cabling solutions.

HD Connectivity is a member of the HDBaseT Alliance formed by LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Valens Semiconductor to promote and commercialize HDBaseT™ technology. HDBaseT enables a single LAN cable to replace multiple cables and connectors in the home entertainment and business environment.

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